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Fishing Reports


This is was one of the most enjoyable weeks in this winters memories. Warm not terribly windy an overall good time. Panfish bite continues to be strong in the area but bite windows are getting shorter and shorter. Bluegills seem to need quite a lot of downsizing and a camera never hurts. live bait like Euros and waxies outfished plastics last week, we will see how this week goes. Crappies are spreading out over the deep water and as o2 levels get in more demand we will see these fish climb higher and higher in the water collumn. 

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Slush is becoming less and less of an issue these days. There still is a bunch of snow on the ice but it seems to have healed up nicely. The walleye bite has been tough but as far as bait goes the smaller shiners on a #6 hook have been working well and more aggressive spoons for jigging. Look for your deeper break lines they will be more productive as far as keeper fish go. Crappies are deep and are not in the best feeding mood right now, it takes a lot of finnesse to get them to commit to eating. Plastics are my go to for this bite and downsizing the plastic and weight are a good idea. Bluegills are pretty good too in the shallower water on the edge of the weed beds, a camera helps sort through the smaller gills to get to the boxers.

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It's tough going out there if you don't have tracks on your machine. Snow conditions are perfect if you ride snowmobile but for fishing it makes life tough. Slush has gone down considerably even after this last snowfall, but the shear amount of snow makes it hard to go out and look for fish. We do have a big warm up which should help pack this snow down and give us a crust to ride wheelers on. That being said the bite is still very good for panfish bite is still strong. I would bring a good assortment of baits with you for this time of year, there are nearing the end of the really aggressive bites and getting closer to the sluggish time of year and you never know what the day is going to bring as far as what they are going to eat. So live bait is a go to and bring a variety of size profiles of plastics for these fickle creatures. 

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Our weather is starting to go cold, which is a great thing for our ice in the Longville area. Slush has been an issue since we got the last 10 inches of snow. The good thing is it was wet and not fluffy so the cold should be able to cut through it, it has also packed down quite a bit so there is still hope. Ice has been holding in the 6-10 inch range which is not nearly where we usually are but that's the way it goes. Crappies havemade the journey to the deep water on the bigger lakes and are plentiful. Taking advantage of their aggressive behavior is key. Fast sinking baits are the ticket for suspended crappies tungsten jigs and heavey body baits for jigging are my go to. If you are shacking over them deadsticks when it is cold can catch you some fish as well and if they are activly moving around a basin and you have to wait your turn a deadstick can add quite a few fish to the bucket. Walleyes are moving to deeper water as well I would spend my time on smaller humps and park for the evening. Shiners, rainbows and fatheads are the minnows I bring with and when it comes to bait variety is key. 

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The warm weather has fish very active. It isn't great for those who want to drive trucks and big wheel houses out but it makes for a fun bite once you get there. Panfish are high in the water collumns and aggressive plastics and body baits are some of the most fun bites a person can have and now is the time to do it. Walleyes were in a bit of a funk earlier in the week but have straightened their attitudes out a little bit with the consistant weather. Shiners and rainbows have caught most of my walleyes, it seems like they will express interest in spoons but won't eat, then go to the deadstick and bite. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


If you take a peak at the 10 day in Longville once we get passed tomorrow it is going to be gorgeous out for the rest of the week and weekend. With travel on the lakes improving with each day I would not miss this great oppurtunity to get out on the ice and fish! I really wanted to cover baits that I use on specific lakes and situations in this report. 

bluegills: If I am fishing deeper water bluegills I tend to use plastics more so than live bait. Doing so I have found that it increases the average size fish you catch without messing with little babie. I also am equiped with a light tipped rod with 3 lb flourocarbon with a straight line reel, and tungsten jigs to ensure when I get the light bite of a bluegill I catch it. When I am in shallow weeds I tend to use live bait more like wax worms and euro larvae, it seems like weed fish respond better to meat than they do a more natural presentation like a dragonfly larvae. If the bluegills are big and tend to eat more aggressive baits I am not affraid to put a chubby darter in there face and teach them a lesson.

Crappies: If I fish crappies after dark there is no way I will go without crappie minnows and wax worms, in my eyes it is a necessity. I have been beaten more times trying to finesse them with plastics by a bobber and a demon than I can count and enough is enough. Day time is more condusive to a finess plastic bite than minnows are. Fish are not as aggressive and won't move up and down in the water collumn nearly as much as and the life like movement of a nymph plastic is more than crappies can handle. When crappies are schooled up in big numbers in deep water like they are now the small body baits like the 13 magic man is  a killer bait, but remember when a fish rises u for it you can never go lower than the current lowest point on that fish, you will scare it and it will not cooperate. 

Walleyes: Walleyes I am all about minnows, but my minnow preferance changes situation to situation. If I am outside and hoppin' around I like using rainbow minnows especially for deadsticks or tip up rigs reason being, rainbows will live a lot longer and swim a lot harder than most other minnows, so you don't have to check on them as often. If I stay stationary I go with golden shiners, because it's much easier to keep your eyes on a weaker minnow when it is easily accessable. I almost always jig with a spoon with a half of a fathead minnow, I like to be aggressive with my jig strokes so using a shiner or rainbow doesn't seem to benefit to much. 

Perch: In my relm of perchin' in my skillset, there are deep perch (over 25 feet) and shallow perch (under 12). The deep perch are harder to locate but they tend to be more dense and it generally has to do with bloodworms. So to me as far as live bait goes, minnows are a non factor. Wax worms and euros work great in this situation, tungsten jigs are a must for that deep of water. I am much better at locating shallow perch, the most dificult part of shallow perchin is putting the effort into drilling enough holes to find them and stay on them. As far as bait goes I stick to the basics, I fish fathead minnows on some of the biggest spoons I have, Northland macho minnows and Kenkatch boss spoons are my go to. I like going big to try and keep little perch from biting, and big perch have no issues getting that into their yapper. 

Pike: I don't always use live bait for tip-up fishing pike. I like to split my tip-ups up 1/2 and 1/2 sucker minnows and fun dogs, the hot dogs don't always out fish minnows but sometimes it does. I do not put a tip up out unless it has a 2 hook quick strike rig on it. That is a nice tool because once the flag fly's up the you set the hook immediately, and your hooking percentage goes up substantially. 

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We ended up getting 5 inches or so of light fluffy snow, which is not exactly what we needed. The one positive is that we are not supposed to be above 0 for the next 24 hours or so. That makes me think it may heal most of the overflow issues, but then again I could be very wrong. Pikedale on Leech Lake is opening this weekend to the public and they are letting snowmobiles to the south end of Bear Island if you are interested in and walleye action, and the One Stop does have some great looking minnows for this weekends adventures. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Well... If you like riding in the ditch with your snowmobile you will be quite pleased with what happened last week. We got 10 inches or so of beautiful powder, that did not help our lakes very much, but there is hope. The lakes that were not froze over did so after the snow last night and this morning, meaning they are not safe to fish yet but they did not feel the affects that others did. 6 inches of ice and 10 inches of snow make for a soupy mess for now.. The good thing is, it's very early in our ice season and it should heal itself before to long. There is a lot of flooding on the ice and warmer temps for the week which should settle the snow so when it does decide to be true winter it should freeze hard and fast. I do plan to fish this weekend walking only of course, hope to see you out there. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


In the Longvile area we have actually seen little to no ice formation in the last week or so. If you were thinking about fishing some of the mid sized lakes in the area here you may have to make a different plan. Wabedo and Little boy still have some open water. The smaller Longville lakes are froze up and have had foot traffic for the last few weeks and fishing has been pretty good. I fished yesterday and caught a pile of panfish and 3 bluegills over 10 inches (all released of course). I stood on 5-7 inches of ice and all I used were plastics.  

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


A 4 below start to the day should really pack the ice on the already mostly frozen Longville area lakes. I checked a little lake close to town last night before this subzero and there was 4.5 inches where I checked, thats not to say that is going to be everywhere but it's a start. On the other hand Long Lake is still open wide and steaming like crazy. So if you're interested in trying to catch a fish on hard water, walking traffic only and be very careful and check, check, check. We have plenty of waxies and sucker minnows to get your season started. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


I am sad to say it but this may be the last stretch of good weather we see until deer season.. 50's for the next 2 days. If you have not winterized your boats it would be of sound mind to get them on Woman or Leech this weekend. Walleye fishing remains great and the traffic is next to nothing. Rigging rainbows has been very productive on Woman, use a smaller octopus hook on them too a bigger hook will kill them and they won't catch them quite as well. I would still be jigging on leech they will be out in deeper water than they were a week or two ago, I would focus in more of the 6-12 ft range still targeting shoreline breaks. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleye fishing is unreal right now on Leech, but I don't think the bite will last another couple of weeks. Water temps on the main body was 50.5 but this mid week warm up will help matters for the short term. If you have the itch to fish a jig and a minnow or a jig and a plastic in 2-4 feet of water NOW is the time to do it. The little lakes are doing well too, Woman lake doesn't cool as fast as Leech so that bite out there will stay hot hopefully throughout the month of October. Minnows are the ticket for the most part if you do have  a sunny hot day crawlers can outfish minnows in some certain cases. Rigging sucker minnows for BIG walleyes has been super fun they are cheaper than the traditional big minnow and right now you don't need to waist your money. Hope to see you this weekend the bite should be on fire!!

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


October is upon us water temps are still a little warm for this time of year but that only means in my opinion that the fall walleye bite will be good for longer. Walleyes on the smaller Longville lakes are starting to make a push shallow now they had been reluctant to do so for the last 2 weeks it seems, maybe because of the warm weather but who knows. I love the shallow jig and a minnow bite and it currently is on out on Leech and is starting to show some strong signs on these littles here. Look for whats left of green weeds and of course shallow rocks, when walleyes push really shallow it is really tough to see them with your electronics so it's worth just fishing these bars to see if they are in the short water. Fish it fast and keep moving, remember the goal is to catch active fish and as many as you can and not to monkey around trying to finess a couple bites when a big bite is just a cast away. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


September is normally my favorite month to chase big bronzebacks in the Longville Lakes Area. However, this September has been an odd one to say the least, with water temperatures pushing into the mid to high 60's just a few days ago, which in turn has made the normal September smallmouth patterns rendered mute. Instead of having the fish pulling into bigger and bigger schools in 20-30ft of water near their wintering holes, fish have been scattered throughout the entire system. Two days ago we had fish come in the boat from 3ft to 30ft with a myriad of presentations triggering bites, with the bigger fish coming on swimbaits.  The cooling nights in the forecast should get fish back on their normal fall routines. The largemouth are also a bit confused, as there has not been a big weed die off as of yet, which in turn keeps the fish scattered throughout the deepweedlines of the local lakes. Again, with the looming spectre of cold weather i would expect to see the largemouth begin schooling on remaining green weeds, which in the Longville area is usually coontail, milfoil, and wild rice with lilly pads. It is tough to beat the combination of a big rubberskirted jig with trailer and a spinnerbait. Fall means trophy bass fishing time. Last year a over dozen smallmouth bass over 6 pounds came into the boat the first two weeks of October, with two giants over 7 being caught as well. I will be guiding until the lakes freeze. Give me a call or check out my Facebook page.

-Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


Walleyes are doing some odd things right now with the water warming up 7 degrees this week. Woman Lake fish have pushed very deep yet remained very active dispite being in 25+ feet of water. Leech on the other hand walleyes seemed to have pushed shallow and are not super schooled up which is odd for this time of year. Rocks are the ticket out there finding wind swept rocks are the primary areas I've been targeting. Jigging bigger minnows like suckers are the ticket out there too little minnows don't seem to get me bit out there. Pick your days to fish don't go to Leech if the wind isn't rockin' fish on Woman Lake. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleyes are pushing shallow and putting some pounds on, nightcrawlers and leeches are still in the picture though, esspecially with 80's in the forecast they will play an important roll in the week to come. Minnows are still my big ticket item when it comes to overall production though, big minnows on a single hook lindy rig moving slow over schools of fish and letting that minnow swim has been productive and a ton of fun. Fish are really showing up on the shorelines but are still kind of hanging on the edge of the shallows until prime time and on super windy days (under 6ft). Bluegills and crappies are sitting on what little green weeds are left but when you find a school they tend to be jumbos. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The fall bite is on, water temps have been staying consistant in the 65 degree range which is the hot side of the best fishing we will see. That being said, walleyes are chompin' still getting most of my fish on nightcrawlers but when the wind blows its a jig and a minnow bite and tends to be shallow. Pay attention to the wind directions in your forecast and be sure to be on the windy side of the lake, I can not stress how important that is when it comes to these fall walleyes. Don't be afraid of trying super shallow like casting in from 5 ft a lot of times there are inside schools esspecially if they have been left alone for a long period of time. 

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With nights beginning to cool the bass and muskie fishing in the longville lakes area will begin kicking into high gear, with fishing only getting better up until ice on. for smallies, the cooling water will start concentrating fish in larger schools, where as of right now the fish are scattered throughout the main lake basins. roller jigs, drop shots, and tubes dragged over rock saddles and humps are my preferred presentation. the largemouth are schooling on coontail points with hard bottoms. on lakes with a lot of muskie the largemouth will tend to stay shallower and can be found in rice beds and reed beds. drop shots and texas rigged soft plastics are a good one two punch. august marks the time that i pick up my muskie sticks. the fish are getting their feed bag on and moving up into the shallows. on leech i target three different patterns: rock, grass, and reeds. between those three patterns a guy should be able to move some fish. i like downsized double cow girls fished with tempo and glide baits. on the smaller lakes around longville the fish are setting up on the deep break lines on the end of grass points and inside turns. topwaters and bucktails are a great one two punch for the small lake muskies. fishing is going to ramp up here in the coming weeks. i have openings in both september and october.

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August is the most under rated month for fishing, hands down, the humidity is down and so is the boat traffic. Catching a meal of fish for the family is fairly easy and the walleye bite really starts to get hot. I have been having a lot of fun the past two weeks or so casting a 1/8 or 3/16 ounce jig and a nightcrawler on some of the shallower humps on for walleyes. What's cool about it is the fact I am working it just like I would a spring time minnow and more importantly it's catching walleyes. The problem is selection of area and fish themselves because not every walleye is going to eat a jig and to that point not a lindy rig as well, so diversity is the key. Not just in the crawler presentation game either, you never know when that crawler bite turns into a leech bite or even a minnow bite at this point in the game. The beggings of the fall patterns are starting and it's a very good time of year to beggin dialing in the big minnow bite. 

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The weather is Hot and so is the fishing, panfish, bass, walleyes, and muskies are all active which is super surprising for this time of year. Walleyes are not in very big schools right now so covering water fast is important, driving around watching your graph is the most efficient way to actually find fish. Then I plot where I see the fish, get them in front of me and either I cast jigging raps on them or pull Leatherbacks over them. Both have been very successful and a great way to catch fish. Panfish are out of control right now, in shallow weeds just putsin along with little jigs and night crawlers and minnows. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


This week was a little tough on me, found fish but had a hard time getting them to go which surprised me because of the conditions. That's July though, easy to see hard to catch. Night crawlers and jiggin' raps are getting the majority of my bites. Mid lake humps, and big shorline points are what I am targeting currently in most lakes. The weeds are still producing fish for me though in under 12 feet of water, you will see a lot more action in there as well but they are not all walleyes. Crappies are biting like psychos on just about every lake in the area, 1/16th ounce jigs and minnows over the weed tops works great and it's really not hard to do.

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Had a good week this week, fished muskies once and lost a 4 footer and had 8 follows in an evening. Top water was working very well, the Wopper Plopper was what moved most of my fish and what they really liked was when the lure got close to the boat I would put my rod tip 2 feet or so under the water and the Plopper would submerge. That got a lot of fish to charge and get them into a more aggressive attitude. I had one of my best trips in a month yesterday on a little lake around here pulling crawlers on lindy rigs on the weed edge, and jig rappin out off of the edge. The bigger fish came on Jig raps but most of the keepers on rigs. Crappies are still going crazy with the gills out on the edges too. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484

7-18-19 Walleye fishing has been tough for me the last week, but I've still managed to get my clients on some biters. Night crawlers and leeches on plain single hook snells and working fish back and forth, sometimes they bite right away other times it take 6 passes. Driving around until you mark fish on the sonar is key, then doing very short passes on them is more efficient and seems to be a better option. I have been catching a few on Jiggin raps and Johnny darters its worth a try and it's generally instant gratifacation if it's going to work. Crappies are pretty easy to catch right now, small jigs in the weeds with a plastic or a minnow has been catching them pretty good. I went musky fishing for the first time yesterday this season, had 5 follows and a short biter most of the fish moved on Medussa's on the edge of the cabbage.

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The bass spawn is over and the summer patterns for both largemouth and smallmouth are setting in. With water temps spiking in mid-july bass of both species will have moved out of the shallows and into the main lake basin. Largemouth will filter in and out of the deep weedlines all summer chasing bluegills, crayfish, and spotted shiners. Most lakes in the Longville area have weedlines from anywhere from 10'-25' foot. I first target these fish by using my electronics to find inside turns, points, hard bottoms, and breaklines. after marking these areas I will go back through with texas rigged soft plastics, jig worms, and drop shots. The great thing about this pattern is that it will hold throughout the rest of summer and into fall. The slop frog bite is about to kick off in full force too, with early morning and late evening being the time for explosive top water action.  Smallmouth, on the other hand, are a fish that play their own tune. In most Longville area lakes the smallies have pulled out into the deep rock piles and sand flats and have scattered out into small wolfpacks. They have been tough to catch the past couple of weeks due to the water temp spike and the bumper crop of young perch on the Boy River chain. The other day I was fishing a go-to summer rock pile in 25' of water when my graph lit up like Christmas. I sent my drop-shot straight down and could feel the tungsten weight bouncing off the thousands of perch underneath my boat. My graph remained lit up over the course of the next two hours and countless traditional smallmouth summertime rock piles. Needless to say, with that much natural food at their disposal the feeding window for these fish is small at best. I have had my best luck in the mid-morning and early evening hours. Swimbaits, drop-shots, and football jigs are a good trio for hunting mid-summer smallies. By the end of July i would expect the bite to improve significantly. The great thing about bass fishing in the Longville lakes area is that their are always fish biting somewhere. If the smallies are being stubborn the largemouth are usually biting. Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


Walleye or die trips have me riding the struggle bus, but the fish catching trips are phenomenal, great mixed bags coming from the weed edges with walleyes bluegills and crappies. Almost all of the area lakes have this bite going on right now and the action is seemingly non stop, the trick is to just be happy with catching fish. Night crawlers and plastic minnow baits are working great, and the edge is much better than the inside. On busy lake days like a typical saturday in July look for more of your tucked in weed beds and not so much on points, if it does happen to be quiet out there use that to your advantage, and hit those prime spots before pleasure boaters and tubers drive over them. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleye fishing conitues to be very good, Woman, Big Boy, Wabedo, and Leech are home to both healthy and aggressive walleyes. This past week esspecially I have found fish either in 8 feet in the cabbage or out in 18-20 feet on shallow humps with deep breaklines. Minnows are still my go to for those weedy fish but it seems like once I get deeper than 14 feet you can't even get a fish to sniff a minnow. Leeches and crawlers on a simple snell are catching me bunches of walleyes in the deep water. Walleyes are marking really well so make sure that you are fishing on fish, if you don't see fish drive from spot to spot until you find fish seperated from the bottom. Crappies are hard to come by but in a few days when it really warms up they should move out to the weed line. Mr. twisters with a 16th ounce vmc jig will do the trick for both gills and crappies.

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The spawn for both and largemouth and smallmouth is at the tail end, bringing a couple weeks of some of the most explosive action of the year. For smallmouth, post-spawn means fish slowly transitioning from the shallow rock flats to adjacent rock and gravel humps, where they tend to school in large numbers. These schools are active and hungry after the stress of the spawn and action can be fast and furious. This time of year offers up some of the best topwater fishing of the year for the bronzebacks. I like Rapala skitter pops and Zara Spooks worked over rock humps in the 8-14 foot range. Tube and hair jigs are a good fall back if the topwater bite is not firing off. All the aformentioned baits can be found at OneStop. For largemouth, look for the remaining bluegill beds to find some of the best big fish action of the year. I like a buzzbait and swimjig this time of year for locating sunfish eating bass. Do not overlook boat docks this time of year either, as large schools of post-spawn greens can congregate under just one boat dock. I like 3/8 jigs and 5" stick worms for skipping under said docks. As the water warms and the deep weed growth establishes itself the bluegill migrate out to their summer haunts. It is important to follow this migration, as the largemouth are soon to follow. With the late Spring I would predict this phenomenon to happen within the next week. These next two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July weekend will offer up some the best fishing of year, as fish are recovering from the spawn and the weedgrowth in the lakes are diminished enough to expose all the young of the year fry which fish rely on. I'll be on the water throughout the next few weeks and have a hand full of openings on the calender. Contact me at 218-251-6894 or find Andrew's Guide Service on Facebook.


Still getting walleyes on jig and a minnow, shallow water and weed edges and I do believe it will be like this through this weekend and early next week. In the deeper water leeches are getting some walleyes too but you have to locate them out there first. Walleyes are most certainly out there but the schools are small and scattered, so it's almost like you piece together a day from spot to spot to spot. Shorelines are still producing a bunch of fish too though and that's where I have been spending the majority of my time, wind blown points and primary breaklines with rock or weeds have been very good. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleyes are spread out and active right now, we are not seeing the giant schools we did 10 days ago which is good and bad. being spread out means there are oppertunities to get at fish in many locations, but the likelihood of getting 50 is slim. Be prepaired out there this weekend, it will be warm and windy which means to me minnows in the mornings and leeches/ crawlers in the evening. Walleyes will be shallow for those who like the shoreline bites, but they also will stack up on the off shore humps they are arriving already. Fishing is good and will continue to be for the next few weeks, I am filling up very quick so call if you are interested in a walleye trip.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The first two weeks of bass fishing in the Longville Lakes Area found the smallmouth bite to be subject to the ever changing spring weather. On days with wind and warmth the bite was absolutly on fire, with a myriad of jerkbait sizes and colors producing days with multiple fish over the vaunted six pound mark.  On days that the wind layed down fishing turned into a grind, with fish being caught predominatly on ned rigs and hair jigs. With the nights finally warming up and the main water temps hitting that magical 55 degree mark,  the smaller lakes in the Longville area have fish going to their spawing beds in mass. The trophy females are the first up and the first off the aformentioned bed, and get lock jaw while recovering from the taxing spawn. For the next two weeks the smallmouth bite will be tough, unless one was to sight fish bedding fish. I do not recommend this type of fishing, as studies have conclusivley shown the reproductive value of bedding smallmouth goes down expotenially when a fish is caught off of a bed. In fact, the reproductive value of a smallmouth goes down to zero if that fish is placed in a livewell for pictures or a tournament weigh in. Colder lakes like Ten Mile and Leech will still have plenty of prespawn fish to catch. On the other hand, the largemouth bass bite is just getting cranked up. Once I see crappies and bluegills flood the shallow lillypad fields and rice beds I know the largemouth will be soon to follow. Leech remains one of the most productive largemouth fisheries in the entire midwest despite increased fishing and tournament pressure. Sucker Bay and Boy Bay are my two favorite areas during the prespawn/spawn period. Swim jigs, stick worms, and buzz baits are top producers this time of year. Things move fast once air temperatures consistantly hit the 70's, so expect the fishing patterns to change radically in the next few weeks. Good luck this Memorial Day weekend! Check out my Facebook page for booking information or call me at 218-251-6894

Andrew's Guide Service


It's a great time to be out on Leech and the surrounding area lakes. Walleyes are poppin' out on Leech and the smaller lakes are producing a few walleyes and crappies are HOT. Water temps this past week have been all over the board, on Leech in up in Portage bay Thursday I had 56.5 deg. water temp and yesterday in the same spot I had 49.7. In my eyes that is a good thing, it will keep the good bite going for longer. They also went BONKERS when the weather rolled in Saturday, walleyes moved very shallow most of my fish came in 3-4 feet in the wind blown sand. Big perch are biting out there too which is very nice to see. Jigs and minnows when the wind is blowing is the best presentation that I have found, caught some fish also on a jig and a kietech easy shiner. I would recomend though that if you do go out there play the conditions, if it is calm and sunny for sure try a jig and a minnow but if it is a day like today hot sunny and calm, bring leeches with too and try riggning those, sometimes walleyes need a little coaxing. The little lakes around Longville are still a little spotty I would for sure be there for sunset and avoid mid day out there. I would fish the shallows with a jig and a minnow right at dark regardless of conditions. Look for shoreline firm bottoms under 10 feet and be there at sunset and you should be able to get some walleyes to bite.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The opener is now in the rear view and we've got walleyes on the mind at the One Stop! Fishing around the Longville area varied depending on the body of water, but reports were mostly good from Leech Lake. Fish were being found in their usual spring haunts in 4-10 feet of water. Finding warm, shallow sand was key to finding good numbers. A jig and minnow was the best approach, and with good wind both days most people were able to drift fish. Pitching a Northland gumball or fireball jig tipped with a larger minnow also worked. If you're out this week look to find improving fishing in shallow water on most area lakes. Try fishing a Keitech Easy Shiner on a 1/4 or 3/16 oz jig. Casting shallow flats or breaks and straight retrieving worked best this past weekend. The good thing about fishing plastics is you're able to cover a lot of water and you don't have to worry about burning through those spottails! I've got a few openings near the end of May for anyone interested. Check out www.danryanguideservice.com or call 507-340-8860 to booke a trip. Good luck out there!

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The Minnesota fishing opener looms upon us, and for those of us whom survived this past Minnesota winter it cannot come soon enough. The cool spring we have been having has kept water temperatures low, meaning the pre spawn bass bite will be awesome. There are many variables involved when chasing bass this time of year, but no single variable is more important than finding the warmest water on whatever body of water you are fishing. Bass are like us, in the fact that they just suffered through a bitterly cold winter and want some damn sun on their backs this spring. When it comes to chasing smallmouth in the Longville Lakes Area, I recommend focusing on rock and sand flats along shoreline areas. Main lake reefs and flats that stand alone away from the shore will have cooler water, and thus will not be condusive for finding fish until the water warms past 55 degrees. Action baits are key, with swimbaits, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits being a good trio to start with. When looking for largemouth bass, I recommend starting in the mouths of feeder creeks and rivers that have wild rice and/or lilly pad fields. Again, the bass want to be warm so keep on eye on your depth finders temperature gauge as you move about any given lake. It is tough to beat a chatterbait or a swim jig this time of year, as the bass are hungry and are dialed in on chasing the crappies and sunfish that are flooding the shallow bays to spawn. This bass opener looks to be the best we have had in the past five years, as these cooler temps will keep the fish concentrated in those areas with the warmer water. Once the main lake areas hit water temps at around 55 degrees the fish will scatter, and thus be harder to locate. I will be on the water from fishing opener until the lakes freeze next November, and inbetween i will be chasing the Longville Lakes bass and muskie with fervor. Keep checking in with TeamOneStop for updated fishing reports and tips throughout the year. Check out Andrew's Guide Service Facebook page for booking information. Good luck this weekend. I'll see you on the water. - Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


The water is slowly rising it temperature around the northland, crappies are entering the shallow bays but they are not totally commiting to the shallow waters. If the beaver huts and shallow points are not working slip out in to 6-8 feet and put your slip bobber about 2-3 feet down and just let it sit there, if nothing happens pull the bobber about 4 feet closer and repeat the process. Things are looking positive for bait and for fishing walleyes this weekend. Stablish weather and a gradual warming trend will get fish to bite at least  at prime time, it may be to cool for the all day bite window only time will tell. I would focus most of my attention on shallow water and keeping boat seperation from your presentation 2 very over looked patterns for early season walleyes. If you are looking for tips or trips give me a call  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice is OUT on the majoraty of the area lakes in Longville. The only one to my knowledge that still has a good amount of ice is leech, but even that is fading quickly and should be out this week. That being said, the spring crappie bite has started! The harbors and shallow bays are already seeing crappies and bass in them and if you don't like the traffic of them there is a phenomenal bite on the breaklines just outside of them right at dark in the evenings. A simple bobber rig is very effective for these and slow even no movement is the best way I have found to get them to trigger. On the breaklines the strike zone tends to be about 5-7 feet down in 12-16 feet of water. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice remains pretty strong in Longville, shorelines are still in tact but it wont take long for it to start rotting with the rain in the forecast. I do believe this is going to be the last good weekend of ice fishing for the season. If you are itching to get out one last time this is your chance. We still have waxies fatheads and our ice lures still in stock. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


We are still ice fishing in Longville, there is still a load of ice and the shorelines are near perfect. 4 wheelers and tracked side by sides are the most efficent form of transportation on the lakes but a few trucks are getting out there and making it fine. No ice is safe ice and there are still some areas of concern where the slush never solidified so there is drainage and soft ice in that area. There was a lot of traffic this past weekend and there was some success, the people fishing shallow had to sort for there keepers but they had better luck than the people who fished deep. Look to go to Woman, Inguidona, Boy, or  Leech for your best chance at getting on a good bite. Big spoons for perch so you do less sorting and plastics and crappie minnows for your bluegills and crappies. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Sorry it has been a while... This week was the first time I have ventured on the ice in over a month due to the snow and slush. The conditions have impoved drastically after the inch of rain we got last week, it now has froze and travel on the ice is a dream. There are issues at accesses though, esspecially if it has not been plowed all winter, the snow is still deep on the shorelines and that is where you are going to hit slush. Fishing has been okay I always have a tough time this time of year, it's kind of a transition for the crappies from the deep water to the last of the green weeds, and we are not truely into spring time as of yet but we are only days away from that. Good luck and enjoy the beautiful conditions. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The lakes are a big mess currently with all of the snow and slush, tracked vehicles are the only way to travel. That being said gills and crappies are biting I have been focusing on the deep water, the biggest issue with that is it is hard to drill enough holes for the earlier bite windows so you almost have to just sit tight and wait for them to come to you which is not my style at all. The perch bite has actually been pretty good to but you have to do a lot of sorting through a lot of little ones to get your keepers, I have been focusing shallow for them and using big lures, like the biggest macho minnows are great for them and using that very aggressivly. This is the last weekend of walleye season and those have critters have been pretty elusive for me this year, I will be fishing them this weekend and I will end up trying pretty deep I am thinking. Get on a hump that is slow rising that comes from deep water and hope for the best. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Over the weekend we had a warm up and it was very welcome and treated me well on the ice. Caught a lot of crappies, and sunnies, a few perch and some walleyes. I fished 7 lakes in 2 days spending all day on the ice, I spent the majority of my time in shallow water. The sunfish were the pickiest out of the group, small plastics and tungsten worked when I found schools but the individuals I still don't have a clue how to convince them to bite. Crappies were angry at the world, I think you could have caught them on anything, I used a big tungsten to get down there and a big plastic to try and get the bigger fish to come up and eat, and it worked. The mornings have been much better for me than evenings for walleyes and perch, shallow water and actually later in the morning at like 9 am has been my hottest time, more than likely due to the snow. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


This weather is plain disrespectful, we are supposed to encounter -65 wind chills the next two days which means for me I don't go fishing. There is a bright side to this brutal cold snap, it will solidify our slush issues, and after thursday looking at the weekend the weather is going to be beautiful highs of 30 ABOVE and no 20 below! I will be spending all of my time this weekend on the lakes, I am going to try different species everyday, saturday will be burbot and walleyes on leech, I look for steep edges that go into deep water. Remember steep and deep are relative terms, if the lake is only 35 feet deep and bowlish the fish are going to hug the steepest largest breakline they can find. Sunday will be a gill and crappie day, I will drill up the deep basins until I find a school stacked up and try and put the hurt on them. I like doing this on small lakes that don't get much pressure, they tend to have a better average size and they bite way better. Monday we will be looking for big pike, I like fishing these on big deep clear lakes that have low population densities. The fishing is slower but the fish are bigger and you have a higher chance of getting that trophie caliber pike. Quick strike rigs are a must, for use with suckers and fun dogs, your hookup percentages greatly increase and as a result you won't have so many deep hooks on the fish. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Well, we had a little bit of a shocker come through our neck of the woods up here... 10 inches of fluffy fluffy snow. before the snow travel was not so bad, as long as the slush had been froze down, but now with this added weight we will have to see as far as truck travel. This stuff is so light though it will pack down to nothing once we get some warm weather and sunshine so if your a rider you better get out and pound some trail. I fished Thursday-Sunday and it was the best fishing I had all season to this point. Crappies were suspended over deep water but not the most eager to bite, we caught a couple on waxies, a couple on minnows, and like 50 more on plastics. Pink and white tungsten and a pink Powerbait swordtail was the ticket. The reason I switched to a plastic was they didnt want to rise and you could not drop those other baits down too them. Walleye fishing was decent the numbers of fish that bit were good but the catch rate was not so impressive. We landed 6 but that number should have been double, light biters that didn't get hooked up. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The deep freeze is coming but fishing has been plenty good for me to want to endure it. It has been pretty fun, I took full advantage of the nice weather yesterday though scouting around for easy accessable areas that had fish on them. I had never fished the 4 lakes I went to ice fishing and I will be honest I went 1-4 but the 1 was a HOME RUN big gills and nice crappies, it was a lot of fun but it took some effort to say the least. I took the snowmachine because of the unknown but I think I would have done fine with my truck on all of the lakes but one. I would advise that you travel in pairs of trucks that way if one does get stuck you can tug the other out. The gills and crappies we found were in 18 feet of water, not saying at all that is the magic number out there but it was the cats pajamas for us on that particular body of water. I will be out all weekend fishing panfish and walleyes so if you need any guidence just give me a call Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


After the 15 inches of snow that had dumped on the Longville area about 10 days ago there has been a surplus of slush on the area lakes. The conditions are imporving with the more traffic on any allowing the water to flood the snow making it easier for it to freeze down. Most lakes are looking anywhere from 12-18 inches of ice but there was a rumor that a truck with a fishhouse went down on Wabedo so be careful. Crappies and gills are biting on the area lakes but bite windows have been rather strange relating to cloud cover more than anything. Walleye fishing is spotty either they all bite or it is dead out there, the most successfull people are staying all night but even that is hit or miss.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The ice is getting pretty thick but as I write this the snow is dumping down on Longville, 10 inches so far. Almost matching the ice thickness on a lot of area lakes. No telling how much overflow we will have on the ice, this powder is heavy. Fishing otherwise has been pretty good, walleyes on Leech, perch on Woman, panfish on the other lakes around here. Being mobile is my #1 tip for keys for success. You can't always wait your way to success but majority of the time you can drill your way to it. I have had a heck of a time the last week or two gettign fish to eat big profile baits. So downsizing and not trying to get them to raise to much is one thing I have really noticed.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The little cold snap we had with the little snow on the ice has made ice very quick for us up here. people are zippin' around on wheelers and snowmobiles on pretty much all the lakes but Long, Wabedo, Little Boy, and Woman. Crappies are biting on the edges of the deep holes, I seriously suggest using big stuff to start like a slab rap, chubby darter or number 5 jigging rap to see if you can't get that school into a frenzy. It doesn't always work but when it does it can be lights out, and it generally won't hurt the school to try. Drilling most of your holes in one or two shots helps your production a lot too, get all of the major noise out of the way. For example I fished a bigger lake the other day with a small spot that I knew I was going to fish the entire time on and was going to make sure if there was a fish there I was going to be successful. In one shot before I even wet a line I drilled 67 holes to cover this spot. That limits your noise when it hits prime time and you then are not limited to only a handful of holes on the spots that you are able to fish. Being mobile is huge as well esspecially crappie fishing deeper water if there is not a fish under you just don't fish there move along. Walleyes are still using shoreline breaks and points and perch have been very active as weil on Woman and on Leech, 6-8 feet and yet again mobility is key. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


This time of year I  think I am more cautious ice fishing than any other time. Peoples over confidence in the ice conditions will cause them to do some overly ambitious and dangerous things, In the Longville area lakes, all are locked up and all with a few handful of exceptions (moving water) are safe to walk on, but not all are ready for wheelers to go across a lake on. It is sooo so important to check as you go esspecially if you are in a hurry to get your fish house on the ice. With that being said the ice conditions are steadily improving here, Wabedo has 3-7 inches, Woman has 4-9 inches, the main lake of Leech has 5-10, Boy has 3-9. It is early in the week and we do have some sub zero temps coming for a day or two which this time of year makes ice quickly. Fishing has been good so far for panfish, fishing green weeds with chubby darters is my favorite for gills and crappies but you have to be on some pretty special fish for that to work out. walleyes are coming up on shoreline breaks in the evening and your best oppertunity to get some in the fry pan through the ice. If your are curious about specifics on the fishng and the ice call me at the store 218-363-2252 or if you are interested in a trip call Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice fishing is officially here to stay, there are wheel houses coming off of shore accesses and out on the shoreline breaks. On some of the lakes that have been frozen for almost a month there is 4-9 inches and have been some people daring enough to bring side by sides out there, not recomended but it has been done. There are a handfull of lakes that froze up less than 2 weeks ago Long being one of them and those you must be carefull on. Walleye fishing is spotty but fish are being caught and the crappies on the puddles are extremely hungry. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice is forming everyday here in Longville, but they are by no means safe. The bigger lakes like Woman, Wabedo and Little Boy just froze up a few days ago. If you feel the need to venture on the ice, use a spud bar and carefully check your way out and don't push the limits. Please be safe and have a good Thanksgiving, I will keep you updated as the season progresses. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


That loud sigh you heard was me storing the Triton for the winter. Winter is setting in quickly here in the northwoods, and it will not be long until ice fishing will be in full swing. Until that time, i thought i would look back on my year of guiding for bass and muskie in the Longville Lakes area. For largemouth, the late spring made the early season bite a bit off. However, as the spawn ended the bite kicked into full swing and did not let up for the rest of year. A total of four 100 fish days were produced, with dozens of mornings producing over 50 fish. Slop frogs were the dominant presentation, allowing cllients to enjoy the explosive top water bite the slop frog produces. Big largemouth this year was a 6.8 pound giant caught in August. Looking back, this was one of the best years i have had chasing smallmouth. From the early spring prespawn bite in May, all the way to the deep cold water bite in November, the bronzebacks offered an outstanding bite. two 100 fish days were produced, with a couple days falling just short in the 90s. From late July all the way to November 3rd the bite never relented. The big fish for the year was a 7.12 that fell just a few ounces shy of the state record. One other fish over 7 was caught, with over three dozen over six coming aboard. All in all, it was an outstanding year for chasing smallies, proving yet again the Longville is one the premier bass fishing destinations in the state. The muskie bite was more up and down, with fish being dialed in on short feeding windows followed by days of malaise. If on the water for one of those windows it felt like every cast would move a fish, where as there were other times it felt beating ones head against a wall just to move a 40" fish. In the end, I was fortunate enough to witness 4 different clients catch their first muskie, with another client coming just short of his personal best. Big fish of the year was a 49", with a heartbreaking 53" unbuttoning boat side. 2018 was one of the best years of fishing i have yet to experience, and meeting all the new people that shared the water with me being no small part in that. I cannot wait for 2019. see you in the spring! -Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


The Fall bass bite is on in the Longville Lakes Area. With water temperatures dropping precipitously in this colder than usual Fall, i have been finding the local bass to have moved into their pr-wintering holes earlier than usual. The green weeds are getting harder and harder to find, which makes the largemouth group up in more concentrated numbers. Wild rice with green lilly pads and coontail/cabbage are loaded right now, as are the pencil reeds. When the sun decides to poke out, boat docks can be the deal with one dock able to hold 10-15 fish. Once the shallow green weeds begin to die off, largemouth move out to the coontail in mass. Coontail continues to grow as the water temperatures plummet and the photosynthesis that it produces draws the entire food chain to it. I use jig and pigs  almost exclusively this time of year when flipping rice and reeds. The larger profile bait seems to trigger the larger fish to bite. When the fish have moved out to the coontail flats i begin targeting them with spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. This is the time of year that I have caught all my personal best largemouth. The big fish are concentrated and chewing. There is no better time nor place than right now to catch a 7 pound largemouth. The local smallmouth are currently funneling out of their Fall pattern into their wintering holes near the deepest water in the main lake.Hard bottoms with muck bottom transitions are key this time of year. The cool air temps with the lack of sunlight can make catching them tricky, so the devil is in the details this time of year. Use electronics to find them and then use patience to catch them. Swimbaits slow rolled along the bottom can work one day, while the next day the same fish will only eat a tube jig dragged slowley across the bottom. When the sun does deem itself to shine, dont be afraid to move shallow. Sun can trigger smallies to move into the sand and grass mix of the local lakes where they will be amenable to eating jerkbaits and swimbaits. Remember, the feeding windows for all species of fish are wide open right now. No matter the weather conditions, there are fish biting somewhere in the lake you are on. -Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


Fall fishing is in full swing water temps in the mid to upper 50s, west winds and cool temps means walleyes are smashing. Had some very successful days on Leech and Woman with at least one big fish everyday so far. Jigs and minnows in the rocks and rigging in the sand and weed edges. At least for the time being the bigger the minnows the better and be wary of your speed, if the wind is howling try your best to keep the boat at .5-.8 in the shallow water. Leatherbacks are my favorite minnow right now for jigging and rigging, they swim very well and the fish can't help but eat them. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


It is THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!! The walleyes are going crazy, perch are starting to really go, crappies are choking down, muskies are angry at anything that swims! On the area lakes the walleyes are eating night crawlers on single hooked lindy rigs very well, in fact all but 3 of the walleyes I caught last week came on crawlers. I was up on Winnie and smoked them though on jigs and minnows, they would not touch a Jiggin rap or nightcrawler but we also had a very strong wind and fished shoreline points. Perch are showing up in the bullrush edges on Woman and Leech, fish them with larger bait like golden shiners and you will see that your average size will increase. Crappies are out deep during the day but move into the weeds right at dark and are very aggressive during prime time. Muskies are in the shallows, fish the bullrush pockets and shoreline rocks in under 5 feet for the best chance to get them! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Bass fishing in the Longville Lakes Area remains strong, with fish holding onto their summer patterns. However, the shortening days and cool nights will be changing things radically in the next few weeks, and with that change comes the best fishing of the year for all species of fish in our area. The smallmouth are still scattered throughout the main lake basins, with fish being caught on a multitude of patterns. In the next few weeks i expect to see them move towards their winter staging areas and to begin feeding with vigor. Regardless, I'm not waiting for them. The smallmouth bite has been fantastic the past few weeks. Electronics and patience are key for finding them deep this time of year, but once found they are big and they are aggresive. Muskie fishing in the area has been steady, and with the cooling temperatures I would expect the bite to only get better. This coming week looks to remain warm, but the following week looks like the beginning of fall for the Longville area. I would expect my next fishing report to be much different than the past few, as the fall movement of fish will be in full swing. questions? comments? smart remarks? give Andrew's Guide Service a call at 218-251-6894


Water temps are cooling which means fall is almost here!! Fish are showing up in the fall shoreline spots but not in high volume or high densities. I would suggest still using summer techniques like rigging a crawlers or leeches, and jig rappin them. Also mobility is key, I have not found any one spot that has been loaded with fish but there are small pockets of them you can pluck some out of so catching a few and knowing to leave is important. Panfish are sliding out to the depths as well I had a walleye trip a couple days ago and on one of my walleye spots was loaded with toad bluegills so that was a surprise to me. Muskie hunting has been SUPER in the area, Shallow rocks and reeds are easily the best currently and should be for the foreseable future. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Labor Day Weekend draws near, and as we turn that corner we begin hurtling towards Fall and the outstanding fishing that comes with it. With the leaves beginning to turn and the nights starting to cool, we are on the precipice of the best fishing of the year. However, there is no need to wait for the leaves to start falling to catch muskie and bass in the Longville Lakes area. Fishing the past few weeks has been outstanding, albiet somewhat erratic with fish feeding in truncated windows. The Largemouth bite has been lights out in the early morning hours. targeting wild rice beds with slop frogs has been a consistant pattern for me all summer.As I type this my fingers and hands are aching from a 100 fish morning we experienced in less than 6 hours of fishing using Spro hollow bodied frogs and Berkely soft plastics.  If on a lake with a deep grass line, target the largemouth on deep inside weedlines and points with jigs and crankbaits. Locating the deep weedlines with a mix of coontail and cabbage is key. The smallmouth bite has been best in late morning/early afternoon. I have been having my best success with the local smallies when the sun is shining and a bit of wind is blowing. I have been finding schools of smallmouth anywhere from 12' -30' in hard bottomed area with rocks of various sizes.  I have been targeting boulders and sand and rock transition areas. They can be tough to locate, but once found summer smallmouth are amenable to eating a variety of presentations. I have boated multiple fish in the six pound class in the past two weeks, with the majority of them coming on football head jigs and slow rolled swimbaits. This bite will only get better as the water begins to cool. August has shown itself to be a consistant producer of muskie the past few years. As with all species of predatory gamefish, the muskie's feeding window is shortened in August as the abundance of forage keeps our fish full this time of year. That being said, if one is on the water during the aformentioned feeding window and dialed in to the fish location, one can boat multiple fish in short order. I have been running between a rock and grass pattern the past few weeks, with fishing being boated with blades and wood. The top water bite should be kicking off in the next few weeks as well. Clients the past two weeks have boated fish measuring anywhere between 42"-47", with a couple of 50"+ giants showing themselves long enough to kick our heart rates up. Those 50" bruisers will stop teasing and start eating as August turns to September. My Fall season is booking up quick, but I still have multiple openings scattered throughout September through October. If looking to book a trip or just talk fishing, give me call. -Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


Fishing continues to be fantastic, walleyes, muskies, bass, crappies, and bluegills. Walleyes are slowly making their way into some shallower water slipping up onto the tops of humps making it easy to find and easy to catch. I had a number of successful trips this week and presentation preferance changes almost daily. One of the days it was a huge nightcrawler bite, the next day changes to a creek chub on a long snell. Woman is really starting to put out some good fish in Hunters bay and over by Spains point on nightcrawlers and leeches. Plain snells with colored hooks are kind of the ticket for me but thats been known to change too from not only day to day but hour to hour. The musky bite is very strong too, Leech is the place to be it the wind isn't to strong. I went out there prefishing on Monday and we boated 4 on the before noon, if you have time to try chasing them I wouldn't hesitate. Bass are smashing anything that moves on the deep weed edges. Crappies are on the weed edges still mixed with the big bluegills on shoreline points with cabbage on them slow and steady over the top of them works very well. North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleye fishing has been very good for me considering it is August. Fish are easily found out on the mid lake humps but some are very hard to catch. My whole stratagy has been to find archs and put jigging raps in front of them, if they don't bite a J-rap in 5 min I move to the next spot the last time I walleye fished I only had to fish 2 spots and there were fish on both. Then once I do catch a walleye I work the structure casting J-raps or Johnny Darters, picking them off in quick fashion. The thing about this type of fishing is it the bite is short lived, you pick off the aggressive fish and then it's time to work them. At this point I have established an area where there are biting walleyes, I start draging leeches, crawlers, and creek chubs in those areas where fish had been caught. In the last case the crawlers on an arms length snell worked the best for me. Clams on the tops of the humps seem to be the key to success, not entirely sure of the reason but it is certainly the pattern that is most productive for me. Sunnies and crappies are on the deep cabbage lines, keeping moving will help you stay out of the weeds and away from the little ones. It seems if you are on crappies that you will be on big gills as well they seem to be traveling together at this point of the year. North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


We are deep into the dog days and fishing is surprisingly good. After a tough start to my summer with the extended may fly hatch and goofy weather patterns we have stabil weather and patternable fish. My best walleye bites have been on the smaller, deeper, cleaner lakes. The most active fish on these lakes it seems are off of deep points that have an extensive flat near very deep water in 24-29 feet of water, and truth be told a 1/8th ounce thumper jig and a shiner has caught by far the most fish for me. Working the boat under .5 mph with a lot of line out seems to be key for what reason I have not figured out yet, then with all of that line out jigging it rather aggresively, the walleyes have not been responding well if the jig is not moving. Crappies are going bananas still, seemingly every lake that has a good population of crappies and that has good weed beds are giving them up rather easily. Casting over the weeds with a road runner and slow rolling them in is working about the best and you never know what you are going to hook into. North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Summer peak period is underway, and with it comes on of my favorite bass bites of the year; the frog bite. Once the wild rice that abounds in the Longville lakes area is at a 50/50 ratio of standing and laying down rice stalks, it is time to throw a frog. A mass movement of fish flood this wild rice and the topwater bite can be outstanding. Lakes such as Woman, Inguadona, Boy, and especially Leech offer some the best largemouth fishing of year. I target isolated rice beds with mixtures of lillypads with hollow bodied frogs from Terminator and Spro. Early mornings are best, as the amount of food available this time of year gives the fish a short feeding window. I prefer dark bottomed frogs in low light conditions, with a white bottomed frog excelling with sunlight. A long heavy action rod coupled with a high speed reel are a must, with 50 pound Suffix Performance Braid being my line of choice. Once the early morning frog bite dissipates, I will pick up a flipping jig and target holes and pockets in the rice, where bass wait to ambush a fast sinking jig. Stop by OneStop and get fixed up with the gear you need to chase this awesome top water bite. The smallmouth are now located in their deep summer haunts, where they school on deep rock piles and sharp breaks. Good electronics are a must for locating these schools, and once found they are usually amenable to biting swim baits, drop shots, and football jigs. Little Boy, Woman, and Wabedo offer up some of the best summer action. A sleeper lake for smallmouth is Leech, which has a smallmouth population that is growing exponentially. Main lake Leech is a predominatly shallow lake, so the smallmouth tend to stay shallower than their counterparts in other local lakes. A top water or jerkbait is an excellent choice for targeting these shallower running fish. Along with being a devout bass head, I have in the past few years developed an addiction for catching big muskie. The bite on Leech has been fantastic the past few weeks, with mulitple fish coming in the boat from 42" up to 48". If interested in chasing any of the aformentioned fish, give Andrew's Guide Service a call at 218-251-6894. 


This has been the best walleye week I have had since June. The bugs are gone and the fish are willing to bite if you are there in the right situation and the right time. I have not been fishing them super deep but I did manage some out of the mid 20s the other day on a jig and a minnow. When I cut them open it made perfect sence why they were chomping on minnows, there was about 12 baby 1-2 inch bass in their guts. and this is not the first time I have found fish in this situation. A little bit deeper than normal and eating minnows this time of year if you are indeed in the right situation. I had some limited success on a shortened day on Little Boy this week if it were not for a botched net job and some little mistakes boat side I would have called it a very good day. North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The panfish bite is still hot around here, the deeper the weeds the bigger they run it. There are a lot of ways to get them but I have just been running into them pulling leeches and crawlers when I am fishing walleyes. The weeds are holding a lot of fish but the deep humps are producing too, not all humps are going to have fish on them, driving them to find fish is important. J-Raps and Johnny Darters are a good way to catch them if they are void of weeds, if they do have vegitation on the tops and around the edges pulling leeches and crawlers can get them too. I went bass fishing a few days ago as well and caught like 20 in a half hour or so on a terminator frog it was pretty fun to set the hook a bunch of times. North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


This is a great time of year to catch fish, walleyes are tough but a good mixed bag is available all over. Pulling spinner rigs on the weed edge is a good great way to get hooked up and keep you in action. Leech has been tough the best way to get them is in the evening pulling crank baits on long shoreline points or j-rap the humps. Crappies or out in 8-12 feet on in the cabbage beds. Musky fishing has been getting hot!! Leech in the weeds has been producing big time but not only that, the little lakes around have eating fish too. Little Boy and Wabedo have been excellent, bulldawgs on the steep shoreline breaks and fishing the tops of thed shallower humps are a good places to start. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The smaller lakes are producing a good amount of walleyes in the Longville area, and what is nice about that is it usually is a good mixed bag. Fish are stacking up on the mid lake structure now, but they are not aggressive all of the time. They have certain bite windows and if you are not there when that is they just won't eat. I threw my tackle box at a big school of fish trying everything I could think of and all it took was a lindy and a crawler right before dark. Waiting out that bite window is so key. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


We're experiencing a goofy transition time this year on Leech Lake. We've had a few mayfly hatches, but they seem less intense than in years past, but I imagine they're be around longer as well. On the east side of Leech fish are being found in small pods of 5-10 fish around the offshore humps. These fish are surrounded my bait, bugs, and most likely crayfish. This all adds up to a tough bite at times, but you can get a few out of each school. Lindy rigging a crawler of leech has still been the best, with a few fish coming off of spinners. Usually the spinner bite is best when the bugs come out, but it hasn't gotten going quite yet. Look to try a little bit of everything your next time out. Good luck!

Dan Ryan- www.danryanguideservice.com


Walleyes are doing strange things on Leech Lake right now. Suspending a couple feet off of the bottom and not being very aggressive at all. Trolling cranks over the top of them will trigger a few but I would try spinner rigs and night crawlers and try and 3 way riggin' them that way keeping it up 2-3 feet off the bottom. The small lakes around here are doing quite well, Woman in the evening with leeches and crawlers, Little Boy with jigs and minnows as well. Walleyes are on the humps and easy to mark, drive until you find the a hump with a few good marks on it and try to stay on top of them. Weedy shorelines are also productive with a mixed bag of fish, minnows are still working in there so don't shy away from some goldies. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Memorial weekend was by far the best fishing thus far, crappies walleyes bass all poppin' and hungry. I expect much of the same for the weekend to come. Higher water temps than expected have made fish do things that I would have never guessed, like crappies being shallow for only a day or two on the main lakes then scooting out deep again, many of which never dumped their eggs. Walleyes are shallow and are going to stay shallow for a while I would imagine. Shiners have finished spawning and the big crayfish molt will be on us shortly, this bite can be one of the best bites of the year. I like to run a jig and a minnow through the rocks, using color patterns that match the crayfish. Look for wind blown shorelines still but if the wind isn't there don't be afraid to go to the humps, there are fish there now and I think there will only be more out there. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


It has been a fantastic Spring on the Boy River Chain of Lakes in regards to smallmouth bass fishing. The ice came off the lakes and two weeks later we are in Summer! With rapid rise in waters temperatures the bass of both species have accelerated their usual gradual movement towards the spawn, and in doing so have put on an aggresive feed bag.  Clients have had multiple 70+ fish days chasing pre-spawn smallmouth with me, with multiple fish in the 5 and 6 pound class. jerkbaits and swimbaits were the hot ticket. With Memorial Day weekend looking to be in the high 80's, expect both largemouth and smallmouth to be in full on spawing mode. I do not  encourage fishing for smallmouth during the spawn (especially in rapidly heating water), but if one were so inclined i would suggest targeting shallow rock/sand flats with scattered boulder or wood. I have seen our local smallmouth on beds anywhere from 1 foot of water to 12 foot, depending on water clarity and available spawining habitat. With the smallmouth on beds, i turn my attention to largemouth. They will be where the food is, and the most abundant food source this time of year is the spawining beds of crappies and bluegill. i look for hard stemmed vegetation such as pencil reeds, canary grass, or cattails. If said weeds are growing on a hard bottom, i find spawning panfish. Every largemouth in any given lake system will be shallow and hungry this time of year, making spring one of my favorite times of year to target big numbers of fish. last year we had 3 days from late May to early June with 100+ fish days. That is living right my friends. depending on cloud cover and wind,  I target these largemouth with chatterbaits, frogs, and soft plastics. Memorial Day Weekend is shaping up to a fantastic fishing weekend. Hope to see you out on the water!

Andrew's Guide Service



Happy Memorial Day Weekend folks! It's going to be a busy one, but fishing should be great. Both Leech and Woman Lake are showing signs of the best spring bite so far. Fish are being found on wind driven shorelines and points in 6-12 feet of water where sand transitions to rock. While it should be jig and minnow season, a lindy rig has been best the last two days on both lakes. Live bait rigs with a shiner or leech have worked well, but I'd still be prepared for the good jig bite that we're used to this time of year. If you're fishing with a partner or friend make sure you start your day with two different presentations and continue to switch up until you feel like you've established a pattern. Each day has been different so don't just assume the fish aren't biting. With water temps in the low 60's now and warm weather ahead don't be afraid to try pulling spinners with a crawler or leech if you find yourself out there on a flat calm day. Good luck and we'll see you out there!

Dan Ryan




Sorry for the delay on the fishing report this week, but I am actually changing up the day I put this out so it is less of a review of the weekend and more of a prediction of the future for those of those coming up on the weekends. I will keep putting them out on wednesday or thursday for your convenience. That being said fishing for most was rather tough on opener but they are quickly picking up with the warming temps. Day bites though are tough to come by everything I have found has been before 6 am and after 7 pm in shallow water. Like the deepest fish that I have caught this year to date is like 8 feet and the shallowest less than 2 and that was not by accident. Casting jigs and minnows are prime but pitching cranks is a good alternative to it. 

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Leech will have complete ice off either tomorrow or the next day!! The people who thought there was no way have been proven wrong! Crappies have moved in shallow and are super simple to catch, which means that the selective harvest factor of it all should be in full effect. So really what I suggest is to keep the males which is quite simple to tell the difference, the males are generally black and skinnier. Try your best to keep fish under 12 inches as well, that is just a good rule to follow as a good guideline. Walleye season is this weekend and I for one am jacked! I will be in the shallow water casting jigs and plastics or jigs and minnows keeping my distance away from the boat. The rivers will still hold a bunch of fish and they will bite right at dark! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The ice has been flying off the Longville area lakes with abandon the past week. Warm temperatures and high wind secured what looks to be a fantastic fishing opener for my fellow bass heads. For those looking for a chance at a trophy smallmouth bass, there will be no better time nor place than the week of the opener on the Boy River Chain of lakes. The water temperatures will have the smallmouth in prespawn feeding mode, which means shallow fish and a  potentially vigorous bite. My favorite time of year to chase smallmouth is when the water temps hover in the high 40's/low 50's, as the fish are aggresive and fattened up before the spawn. I prefer Rapala jerk baits and Berkley Power tubes for chasing these fish in the shallow rocky flats they prefer before the spawn. One Stop has full arsenal of baits customized for the local fishing techniques we apply towards Boy River bass, and the staff is readily available to answer questions on the when, where, and hows. If you are looking for a chance at a smallmouth bass of lifetime, these next few weeks will offer you an outstanding chance. I'll be on the water starting the 14th of May, and have multiple 4-8 hour openings during that week. Also: please remember that the first two weeks of the fishing season are catch and release only for bass, as they are extremely vulnerable before and during the spawn. Enjoy the opener, and I'll see you on the water! -Andrew's Guide Service 218-251-6894


Ice fishing is officially over, Longville is quickly becoming ice free! Girl and Inguidona should be off by the weekend and the rest are close to follow. Crappies should start anytime on the little bodies of water in the shallows. Opener looks like it should be great, unfortunatly the shiner situation is not. It's not out of the realm of possibilty for there to be an abundance of spot tails but I wouldn't hold my breath. The alternative in a lot of cases are plastics and we have a lot of good options for you here at the one stop! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


I looked at a few accesses yesterday and there is some seperation from the ice and shore. That being said there are still areas where it is buttoned up tight. There is still quite a bit of traffic on the lakes but please please be careful, I do not recomend wheelers or side by sides. Argos and Wilcrafts are clearly safe because they float, and if you want to walk out waders may not be a terrible idea esspecially through the weeds. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Spring is here and it means business, ice is going and going quick. There have been reports of side by sides and wheelers going through on the shorelines. My recomendation, walk or take a snowmobile and we have not even made the weekend. I will be sure to make another post for ice conditions on thursday or friday to keep you up to date for the weekend. Fishing has been lights out though! Big gills and crappies are being caught on a lot of the area lakes, Mule and Blackwater in particular but getting out there is a problem. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


I may be one of the only people in this state that is optimistic about the ice being off for opener. It's understandable given the current conditions, most lakes have over 2 feet of ice with good shoreline ice too. Trucks as of today are still the main mode of transportation and more than likely will be for the weekend, beyond that who knows. Sunnies and Crappies have flipped a switch and decided that they are hungry and fishing is fabulous. Your standard panfish lakes in the shallow weeds are what you want to fish, it may take an abundance of holes but it is worth it when it is 50 degrees. This will probably be one of the last weekends that it is easy to ice fish so you better take full advantage of it before it is gone. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Well we reached a milestone today in Longville, it hit 37 degrees!!!! Woohooooo it's pretty premature to claim that spring has sprung but it was a lot better than highs in the low 20's. Travel on the ice is very easy and with the thick ice trucks are still the mode of transportation. Sunfish are being very aggressive, while crappies on the other hand have been quite picky. Low light periods are key for big crappie numbers thus far but that can change. Perch are going strong out of winnie but you better bring an extension or two! Perch on Woman has been heating up by government point and dont forget the island in broad water for panfish as well. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


With winter still happening here in Longville, there is still a lot of ice fishing ahead of us. Longville did dodge a bullet last week, it was forecasted to get 6-9 inches of snow and we received less than 2 inches. Travel on the lakes are super to travel on. I personally have been on the ice very little, but next week we are looking at better weather and I will be on the prowl chasing jumbo perch. Woman has some really nice perch in the shallows right now, it seems like they are just waiting for the water to seep through the ice to start chowing down. The next 3 weeks will be the best fishing of the season and you know ill be out there!! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Spring is taking its sweet time getting up here this year, Longville still has 8-15 inches of snow on the lakes right now and with the forecast it does not look like it will be melting very fast at all. The panfish seem to be in a transition, where there are a few out deep, a few in shallow and not super active yet. I believe they are waiting for the water to start draining in the lake to get that oxygen content up. Right now is the least amount of oxygen these fish will have, and it takes a lot for them to eat and digest their food so they sit there and wait. When it does start draining through the ice the fish will start snappin' in the shallows. Perch are about the only fish really going at the moment and you have to do a lot of sorting to get your eaters. Look shallow and drill a bunch of holes. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


I waited to put a report on here because I wanted to see if the snow conditions would change for those coming up this weekend. It has been quite warm up here this week with highs in the mid 40s. After a total of 14-20 inches of snow the week prior the warm up was very much needed to help settle some of the snow. It has not settled quite what I had thought it would but there has definately been progress with the snows depth, as in driving trucks on the ice is possible with 4 wheel drive and some weight. That being said it is more than likely you will get stuck a few times in the process of getting out there so 2 trucks with and a strap will save you a lot of shoveling. Fishing has been pretty good in the Longville area, now that walleye, pike and spearing has closed its time to focus on panfish and burbot. I will spend the majority of my time perchin and fishing EEL POUT! The pout should be spawing in the next 2-3 weeks and active as all get out. I look for sand and gravel humps that top out in the 20's and when you find on you find the mother load. At times you don't even need minnows to catch them just a big jig and bounce the heck out of it. In the next 3 weeks the fish will push up high and I will no longer fish for them at night, the farther along it gets the more they will feed during the day. Perch I will fish big sand flats with big spoons in areas with bull rushes close by, sometimes they will be tight up against them but most of the time not. It does take a lot of holes to find them but it is a ton of fun when it is warm out. The key is mobility, most days you won't do well if you sit still and wait for them to come to you, pursueing perch is key. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


For snowmobilers the 6 inches of snow is wonderful, for driving on the lakes to fish travel might be tricky. Unless there is a plowed roads its going to be pretty tough to get a wheel house on the ice. I fished today with a 4 wheel drive truck without a house and I had no problems out there today. The crappies cooperated too, I drilled about 40 holes and just kept walking until I marked a school of fish and it worked out just fine. on Sunday I fished crappies as well and I ended up catching a beautiful 15.25 on the smallest forage spoon UV green with a minnow head. Walleye fishing has went down the tank, I fished on Leech and was able to sight fish and I saw what I think was 7 different walleyes and I caught a grand total of 0! Perch fishing has been tough as well but once it gets a little warmer I would assume that it is going to heat up. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Weather has not been the warmest but I did have a couple guide trips we had a wonderful trip out perchin' we did surprisingly well out on Leech. Finding most perch on the sand grass pockets that still are green, depths ranging from 5-8 feet of water. I have a process on catching big perch, first off I go with a very big profile like the biggest macho minnow, or a big kenkatch boss spoon. Then I'll put the spoon just a foot or two under the ice and flip the heck out of it 3 or 4 times. The reason I do that is most of the time perch live on big flats and it's pretty difficult to seperate your target area from the rest of the flat. So having your lure up higher increases the visibility. Do not get in the mindset that you have to stay in an area because it looks good, you can really only give it a small chance and move along.  Once I get some marks down there I jig like 2 feet off the bottom, and I will not stop aggressivly wiggling it. If a perch can't eat a spoon while it is moving it is not big enough for me to want to catch. I also fished some walleyes they have not been very aggressive at all and downsizing seemed to play a big role in getting them to bite, which is not generally in my nature. A small buckshot or flyer with just the head of a smaller fathead produced almost all of my fish. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


It is pretty safe to say that there is plenty of ice out there for fun... Unless you are cutting a spear hole. We took a trip up to Winnie, there was enough ice out there that next time I go I will NEED and extension. Fishing for us was slow up there, it was very cold and windy that made our mobility practically 0. I did have 2 very nice days on the south side of Leech though, I caught 5 walleyes in one night and the next I caught 17 keeper perch in 5 feet of water, so that was a real bright spot in my week. Sunfish have been jerks the past week plus they are in the weeds, you can see them down there. I know what it takes to catch sunfish when they are like that but I don't have the patients or the desire to do it, but you might and maybe my insight will help. When gills get tough the biggest thing in my eyes is get as small and natural as you can. Like a 1/64th ounce tungsten jig with 1 or 2 pound flourocarbon line, a straight line reel, and the most finess small plastic you can find. Its important when hooking plastics up to to make sure they are perfectly straight, either verticle or horizontal and not in between. Combo that with a titanium spring bobber and a bunch of patients you will be a finess wizard on the gills. Crappies have been fussy lately but not like the gills, it takes a little coaxing to get them to bite but not that tough. Girl has been pretty good for crappies but it is after dark, like 8-10pm is kind of the current prime time. Wabedo to at times can really give them up but the conditions have to be right.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


This week in Longville we had pretty decent weather to go search for some fish. Crappies were very active during the warm stretch, but walleyes on the other hand did not RSVP. I spent a lot of time drilling holes over deep water looking for suspended crappies and was very successful at it, tungsen and waxies were key in finding the main school of fish but once I got on them it was go time, jiggin' raps, salmo chubby darters, and big plastics was the ticket. Using those bigger profiles entice the big crappies to bite, while not worrying about catching the little ones in between. After the crappie beat fest I decided to try my hand at walleye fishing, that did not go well. The next day I changed gears and went up perch fishing and it was much colder than the day before but we still drilled on and searched. It took roughly 100 holes until we found fish but when we did it was good fishing. The deepest fish we caught was in 8 feet of water, most though came in 4-6 feet. If you have ever found fish that shallow you know that if they are up there they are starving! When they are feasting in the 5 feet, what I do is use BIG spoons like a Kenkatch Boss spoon. Then I will put it just below the ice and flip it a few times before dropping it down to the bottom. It's a good way to become visible in shallow flats.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


It was a good week in the northwoods, crappies, gills, perch, and walleyes. I fished all over this week, from south of town here all the way up to the north end of Cass. For gills and crappies I fished a tiny lake that has only one deep spot that maxed out at 18 feet, there had been no traffic out there so I was not sure if there was even any fish in there. I drilled 15 holes or so to start and just walked around to graph the spot out. It didnt take long to find a school of fish, and in a small lake like that they generally are hungry. Plastics and tungsten jigs seemed to catch the bigger panfish, but the highest catch rate was on wax worms. I got into quite a few perch this weekend with a few walleyes mixed in, Sunday in particular was very good. I went out on Leech with the mind set that I was not going to keep anything because I didn't want to miss the Vikings game.... Looking back I should have just missed the game. I set up on a weed edge in 13 feet or so. I was not quite sure what all was going to be there so I used a universal spoon like the Kenkatch Boss spoon and a small minnow. Immediatley there where results, perch after perch with nice ones, and 4 walleyes the biggest being 26.5. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleye fishing has been very tough thus far this year but there are still a few people grinding it out and catching some. The smaller lakes have been better than leech has thus far but that can always change. Sunfish have really turned on the past week or two up in some of the weed beds. Using a camera to find standing green weeds is a giant time saver and will help you find more fish faster. Once these fish are located it may not be instant gratification, fish may take a while to filter in depending on how shallow these weeds are. Crappies have not slowed down in this last cold front which I found rather surprising since it was still a pretty deep freeze. Deeper water and being moble is my method, going heavy and fast to get the aggressive fish. Ice conditions a good but still little traffic to the main lake of Woman Wabedo and Little Boy.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Progress is being made in 2018, you will all be happy to know that I did not fall in this week. I was limited to only 3 outings this week because I got sick but fortunately it was during that bitter cold. Once the warm up hit I was on the ice, Fishing from sun up to sun down on Sunday and Monday. Sunday was an adventure day, Dan Ryan and I hit 5 different lakes in 10 hours. The first 4 were the adventure lakes, the first two were backwoods crappie and sunfish lakes that I had not been on in years and Dan had never been on. There was no GPS map of the lake but fortunately for sportsman the DNR Lake finder website has lake maps and information on almost every lake in the area. So we took this old map and walked to the fishiest spot we could find and there were STACKS of fish. We had to sort through them but it sure was a blast setting the hook every time you drop it down there. It seemed like spoons like frosties and venom spoons and waxies triggered the bigger fish to bite.  Selective harvest is extremely important for the health of a fishery big or small, keeping 10-11 inchers is what I personaly do, throwing back the 12's and bigger keeps lakes from losing their quality genetics and plays a big roll in the longevity of good fishing. Science has proven a 14 incher will never get to 16 if it ends up on a cutting board. The 3rd lake we went to we tried setting tip ups on. There were no tracks on the lake other than red fox and bobcats. All excited we had found a hidden gem we set up our 4 flags and ate lunch.. turns out there was a reason no one had been there. we ended the night fishing walleyes on Big Boy and I ended up catching a 4 pound burbot. In my eyes that was the perfect way to end a wonderful adventure. Monday I had work up at 4 AM to head down to Mil Lacs, I will not be going back down there any time soon. I used 3 tanks of gas worked my butt off and have nothing but a sun burn to show for it. A north woods guy like me should just stay in the north woods. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Here is a cautionary tail of a stupid fisherman making dumb desicions. I will let you in on a little secret.. I am the stupid fisherman. On a day that reached a high of -11 a buddy and I decided to go fish a body of water that I had never been on before, there is no public access to the lake and there is no public land around it I would have to walk the creek to get on the lake, I did not want to fall in so I chose to walk out. There was only 100 yards or so of creek that I needed to travel to get to the mouth of the lake.  The ice was clearly pretty thin in places esspecially the first little bit by the culvert so we stuck to the weeds but once we traveled past that we checked the ice, and there was 7 inches of clean clear ice. Not liking what it looked like at the mouth of the lake we head back to the weeds, surveying the ice from the weeds, we clearly see where there is some good ice, but I the call of "this is good enough". I take one step on the ice and I hear a little pop, curious I make a slight bounce and the bottom gave out, down I went. Up to my chest soaked I crawl on to dry land in sub-zero temps, knowing the truck is a short walk away I didn't bother taking any clothes off. By the time I made it back to the truck by bibs had frozen solid, to get them off my buddy had to beat them with a hammer to get enough ice off to get to the zippers. This happened on Sunday afternoon and I wanted to share this with you so maybe you can learn from my mistakes. Looking back on it there are at least 5 mistakes that put me in harms way; going on a new body of water when it is that cold, walking a creek, thinking the ice was good enough, bouncing on the thin ice, and once I fell in not getting out of those wet clothes. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The ice this year is as strange as I have ever seen, it varies anywhere from 1.5 inches to 13 inches. The problem is we have snow, and its nearly impossible to know where the 13 stops and the 1.5 starts. That is what is makeing the ice so dangerous. My recomendation, walk, just walk, don't use a 4 wheeler or side by side. Fishing has been pretty steady thus far, not lights out mainly because you can't get to most of the hot spots. Walleyes have been acting very strange this year as well, they are there, they rise off the bottom quickly and stare and stare and stare before taking a bite. Be aggressive to get them in then light jig strokes to get them to commit. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice conditions are pretty sketchy still, I was on leech yesterday standing on 11 inches of ice and 100 yards from me there was a 200 yard by 400 yard stretch of open water. I do not recommend using wheelers there is to much water that has just froze over to call it safe. Walleye action has been rather slow for me recently, it could be weather related, every time I have been out so far the ice has made a ton of noise and the wind has been howling. Fishing shallow water like I have been the effects of the weather is a lot more influential than deep water. Panfish have still been going nuts dispite the weather. I personally have been finding them deep, but more people than not have been doing quite well in the shallows in the green weeds still. Big Boy has been very hit and miss, they are not out deep yet and there is no sign of life in the shallows so find alternative weed beds is essential for success if that is where you are planning to go. Inguidona now has walkable ice on the south bay, there has been no traffic going across the deep part of the lake to the river bar but it is only a matter of time. Longville is supposed to warm up for this weekend meaning the bite should be picking up, but if you run into finicky panfish let me tell you my process. It always starts with live bait, generally on a spoon, it won't take long to know if it is the hottest bait in your box. If I get stood up by 3 or 4 fish I will switch to a jig with wax worms, 100% of my panfish jigs are tungsten. They fall faster, they are smaller in profile, and you will catch more fish faster. I will stick with the small jigs for longer than spoons, a little more finess is involved with these little jigs and the chance for success is greater. If that doesn't work though, I put the bait aside and start chuckin' out plastics. Trigger X has my favorite plastic the moustache worm, pink and white is my go to but chartruse works well too. I have started playing around with more this year and I have found 2 more that are going to stay in the arsenal, Powerbait Swordtails and 13 BAMF, it takes very little movement to get these baits moving and they seem to work quite well. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice is building like a mad man, with some areas reaching 10-12 inches. This certainly is not the rule, some lakes still have open water in areas. Girl lake in town had open water until yesterday in front of the access, exersize extreme caution out there if plan to fish there. Walking is the main transport still, some people are bringing thier wheelers out on the shorelines on a few lakes but that is still not advised. Sunnies and crappies have been going nuts around here this season so far, two of us went out a couple days ago on an expedition to a lake we had never been on before. There was no cabins on it, no lake map, and no tracks so we took our time getting out there chippin' with the spud bar every few feet found around 5 inches of ice. We packed light because of how far of a walk it was so we only had a hand auger, so instead of hand drilling 30 holes what we were able to do since the ice was clear and relatively thin we poured water on top of the ice and used our graph on top of the ice to shoot down and tell depth. We set up on a weed edge and started hammering away, in just a few short hours between the two of us we had 6 over 9.5, 3 of which were over 10, and the biggest was 11.25. Not to shabby for a walleye fisherman.Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Warm weather has been diminishing the ice condtion steadily, I would strongly advise if you do venture on the ice to just walk. To many people up on red have sunk their wheelers, 2 of which unfortunately have lost their lives. Walking is the safest way to get on the ice, that's all I have been doing, max ice thickness that I have found was on a little puddle of a lake and there was only 6 inches. Even so, I still wear my floating suit or life jacket, and I still use a chisel to check the ice every step of the way. That being said, fishing has been very good, we fished sunfish yesterday and between the 3 of us we caught 8 over 9.5 inches and our biggest was 11 on the nose. The gills were near the bottom in the deepest spot in the lake which was about 25 feet and tunsten was key to keep the fish under you. They seemed to lose interest if your bait didn't return in a timely fashion. 13 fishing has came out with some sweet new jigs with whats called an upper cut hook, its like a sickle hook but instead of the barb facing down it is angled up and let me tell you it is a sticky hook.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


First ice update: During the cold snap that happened near the beginning of November some of our smaller lakes capped over, and most of those stayed capped during the recent warm up. I have fished two of those lakes this week and both had a consistent 4-5" of ice. I also ventured up to Red Lake this past weekend and they were allowing ATV's out from some of the more popular resorts. Fishing was good but we were deeper than expected for this time of year. We found our fish in 13 feet of water, but resorts are reporting good fishing in 8-10 feet.

With the cold temps this week I would expect that the fishable ice will grow significantly. That being said, I'm always nervous about telling other people that the ice is safe. This time of year it's important to dress and plan for the possibility that you could fall through. For me this means a floating suit, but a life jacket does the job as well. It's always a good time to be fishing with a buddy, and use a chisel on your way out to check ice thickness regularly. We're going to have a very long ice season this year, so be careful these first few weeks! The fish will still be there in a few weeks.

Dan Ryan Guide Service-www.danryanguideservice.com


The first ice, brave souls have started to walk on water. Not to be recomended but it is happening here in Longville, the main longville lakes like woman, little boy, wabedo and big boy are still open wide and duck boats are keeping landings open. Little lakes like Boxell and Laura are completely ice covered and have about 2 inches as of yesterday, its currently 12 degrees... the ice is growing. Red has had people fishing since yesterday and out in about 8 feet of water I have heard as much as 4 inches of ice, people will be walking out steadily come this weekend. We have plenty of shiners, rainbows, suckers, and crappie minnows. Early ice esspecially I like to throw tip ups out with 5 inch sucker minnows in about 5 feet of water on red, BIG GATORS AND WALLEYES! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Ice is forming on the ponds but the lakes and accesses are still wide open and it is a great time of year to be taking advantage of the oppertunities that are around. Walleyes are doing one of 2 things when it hits November, they are sitting in their winter grounds willing to bite only during twilight hours or they are chasing tulibees. Now the easiest patern to target is your afternoon bite, but the tulibee bite is by far the most productive and potentially the best bite of the season. The tulibees spawn in the late fall either in shallow rocks or in the sugar sand, I tend to focus on the sand up by 5 mile myself. When I have hit this right it seems like there are birds everywhere, loons swimming gulls diving, telling you exactly where these walleyes are going to be chowing down at. Crappies this time of year are also in thier winter grounds, suspended in the deep water or in the green weeds. This time of year is the best time of year to do your homework and find fish for winter. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Its truely a shame that October is only 1 month long, there is so much to do and so little time. The walleye action has been super not just on leech but seemingly everywhere I have been going. Woman lake has been hitting well the jiggin rap bite is as good as it has ever been out there, if that isn't your cup of tea try pitching a jig and a minnow along the shallow breaks of government point area an hour before dark. I fished wabedo yesterday and the water temps where still 53-55 degrees which is a good thing, I managed 5 good fish all over 14 inches and missed quite a few as well. The biggest thing out there that I found was finding the solid bottom and staying out of the muck that inhabits the majority of that lake. It seemed like that held the majority of fish that I caught/graphed. Leech is still giving up a pile of nice walleyes but that water temp is cooling way faster than the rest of the Longville area, on Saturday I found the water as low as 50.3. None of the lakes in the area that I am aware of have had fall turnover yet and hopefully they won't until after MEA weekend, I for one am not ready to put the boat away. The crazy thing that has been the trend this fall on leech is the abundance of small minnows in the stomaches of thes walleyes dozens of 1 inch perch per fish. So the trick to getting these fish to eat is use a small fat head on a jig, no kidding the small minnow out catches the big rainbows 3-1.Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


October is by far the best time of year to be in the Longville lakes area, the fall colors are in full swing, the fish are biting seemingly non stop, and there are tons of creatures to chase in the woods and on the water. Walleyes do some interesting things in the fall though depending on what lake your fishing. Woman lake for instance the walleye pattern tends to run pretty deep, like 20-35 feet sometimes, where onLeech they do the total opposite, there are times you can't even get your boat in as shallow as they are sitting. One thing they do have in common though is what they are eating, minnows, minnows and more minnows. Creek chubs are my favorite, they are strong swimmers, they live like your wouldnt believe, and they have the right size to them. Another thing I would like to bring up is this Sunday we have a walleye tournament on Leech out of Sugar Point Resort on Leech Lake. It is a 25 boat tournament (we have 3 openings left) and it is a catch photo release tournament. If you are at all interested in learning more about this or would like to sign up, give me a call either on my cell or give the store a call at 218-363-2252. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Patients is truely a virtue.. Waiting for walleyes to pile into there fall feeding ground has been rather trying. There are a few fish off sugar and the clay banks on Leech, but not like they should be where the water temps are currently at. The wind has not been helping fish stack up either, a lot of south east winds don't bode well for my fishing grounds in the fall over on the east side of Leech. The west side has been way more productive as far as numbers go, over off of stony and otter tail. Creek chubs and sucker minnows on long lindy rigs produce walleyes this time of year and is proving it now especially if it is calm on the water. Don't be afraid to get in tight to shore, when walleyes are active they will force bait in the shallows and eat just about anything they can get their lips around. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Hints of the typical fall walleye patterns are beginning to show on local Longville lakes. Last trip out I found walleyes anywhere from 10-40 feet. Bottom transitions were the link between all the spots. Anywhere I could find a hard-to-soft bottom transition I could see baitfish and walleyes mixed in. Hard body baits like a Rapala Jigging Rap or a Johnson Johnny Darter caught most of the fish, but a jig and minnow caught a few as well. Crappies are still using shallow weed patches and with the uptick in temps I think this pattern will hold through the weekend at least. The crappies like to hang near the tops of the weeds in 12-16 feet, so drifting or pitching a 16th oz jig tipped with a fathead or plastic seems to work best. The jigs drop slowly, so you want to take your time working them and make sure you're tickling the weeds every once in a while. On Leech Lake, some people are finding fish in shallow green weeds still, and it seems to be a good mix of perch, pike, and walleyes. The wind driven rocky points and shorelines have a few fish on them, but I believe it will take another good cool-down to get the fish to these typical fall spots. It could happen any day now, so if the wind looks right for your favorite fall spot don't be afraid to try the jig and minnow routine. You might just be the first to find the fall bite that we all have been waiting for. Last note: The One Stop is hosting a couple fun tournaments this fall. October 1st is a bass tournament, and October 8th is a walleye tournament. Stop in and ask if you're interested. They're well run "Catch, Photo, Release" tournaments and they're a lot of fun. Good Luck! Dan Ryan Guide Service: 507-340-8860 or www.danryanguideservice.com


This weather being indesisive is kind of puting a damper on my fall mood! Most of the week looks like mid 70s and 80s which in my mind could do two things, could turn fishing really on... or really shut it down. Being the eternal opptimist tells me that this is going to be great the fish will be more active but i've been wrong before. There looks to be some wind coming with the nice weather that could push these fish into a feeding mood as well. The muskies inc. tournament was this past weekend and there were a lot of fish caught on Leech, but with that there was also a ton of people fishing it as well. most of the people I know that fished it that had caught were on the rocks and they caught them early in the day.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Labor day is just around the corner and things seem to be ahead of schedule as far as fall goes. Temps right now have been rising and falling 2-6 degrees a day and what that tells me is that in the morning walleyes are A) going to be very shallow putting their feed bags on or B) Out deep on the deep edges of break lines close to shallower water waiting for temps to rise. If you find yourself in the deep water situation do not be afraid to slowwwww doowwnnn. Putting on a smaller jig and a goldie while being verticle is a great combo for this time of year and will remain good until the temps start maxing out at 65 instead of being there at its coldest. If you do end up finding walleyes shallow lets say on a sand edge or in the bull rushes pitching a 1/4 ounce jig and a big rainbow or sucker minnow and hop it in the sand stiring it up is a good way to whack them. It has truely been and incredible summer for crappies in 2017 even with the cooler weather they are still hangin' out in the weeds eating seemingly everything that gets put near their faces which is always a good back up plan. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


IT'S HAPPENING, IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!! Water temps are down as low as 65 degrees in some areas I have found. That means one thing to me, JIGS AND MINNOWS. On Sunday I had a mid day guide trip on a local area lake and we absolutely pounded them! It was very tough the first two hours of the day but once we got the first bite it was hand over fist for the rest of the trip boating 2 dozen or better wonderful walleyes. The spot we found fish was a top corner of a long narrow hump and on that section of hump there was a giant clam bed, those fish where stacked on those beds. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Temperatures have stabiled out up here this week in the low 70's and with highs in the mid to upper 60's with rain and wind temps are going to drop. This weeks fishing has stayed pretty darn good for me, one day in fact I even ventured up to Pike Bay for a day trip and came out of there with a good batch of walleyes and jumbo perch. Fishing the typical weedline bite with good cabbage and finding areas that were not so invested with rockbass seemed to be the key. I went musky fishing a few times this week as well, the first day was after a long days rain so naturally it was garbage. This morning on the other hand seemed to have a lot of activity, throwing Slime Time Baits up into cabbage beds and bullrushes there was quite the concentration of fish. Crappies still are suicidal. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


It seems strange and early to me but I believe this cool down has got walleyes on leech thinking it is time to chow down on minnows. The temps in the last week have dropped to 72 ish where last week it was up to 79 in some places I had fished, which is still warm for a jig and a minnow bite but out of the 7 we caught out there in the morning 4 came off of jigs and goldies in my early fall spots. Thats good news for us fishermen but a bit surprising because it a month or so early. More exploration needs to be done to determine if this pattern will hold true for a while or if I just caught them in the right mood for minnows. These fishe were extremly shallow also, our biggest one coming in 3 feet or less and the deepest of our fish being in a little under 7. Crappie fishing remains very good in the same areas as last week, those too are biting minnows, but leave the bobbers at home and keep that bait moving this time of year you are dealing with small schools of fish not big concentrations like the spring time.Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Fishing this week was surprisingly good, walleyes were active and aggressive, and crappies are suicidal right now. For the first few hours of walleye fishing I thought that it was going to be just like the past few weeks have been going, go over a lot of fish and pray one bites.. That insinuation was correct until it got to prime time. Casting a jiggin' rap on top of the break trying to hunt down a hungry walleye and boom fish on. after that fish gets scooped my fishing partner gets bit on a crawler, feeds it about two arm lengths of line she is hooked up. I switched rods to a single hooked lindy with a night crawler same as hers, and we work the break line finding arc after arc, catching fish after fish. It was the first time in about a month we had caught more than a few walleyes. I had 2 guide trips on Monday on a local lake in the morning and afternoon both on the same lake, and it was a riot! In the morning we caught walleyes and a bunch of panfish and bass all on night crawlers. In the afternoon it was slow for walleyes but we crushed big crappies, working deep coontail clumps in 18 feet of water with 1/8th - 1/16th ounce jigs working over the tops. The crazy thing was we could not catch these things on minnows or leeches, it was all on night crawlers. The biggest one of the night was 15 1/4 and many over 13, all of them released.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Warm temps and middle of the year is the recipe for tough walleye fishing in the Longville area. Leech has been very tough for a number of reasons, the availability of forage for these fish, the high energy that they have from the warm water, the limited amounts of oxygen in the water, and the schools are much much smaller than they are during the peak times of the season like May and October. That being said there are a number of things that can be done to catch these fish. Scattered picky walleyes do have a weakness, that is in the summer months their reaction bites. Not even necessarily hungry but the reflex when something comes wizzing by makes them eat. In my tackle box there are 2 types of lures that will do that, the standard crankbait like a shad rap or flicker shad, and the body baits, the jiggin' raps and the johnny darters. The crankbaits tend to do a little better this time of year just for the fact that you can cover so much more water than you can a jiggin rap. On the littler lakes around Longville, the weedlines are the most productive for fish, leeches for me have been producing more than worms but that can change day to day. Muskie fishing has gotten a lot better in recent days, Baby, Wabedo, and the main lake of Leech with high speed bucktails seem to be triggering more fish. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-048


The dog days of summer have begun, and for bass fisherman this is outstanding news. for the next 6 weeks the bass of the Longville Lakes area will be predictable and easy to catch. The Summer apex brings with it a time of abundance in terms of food for both species of bass, therefore the feeding windows are smaller this time of year. I recommend early mornings and late evenings to concentrate ones efforts. For largemouth, many of the areas fish have established themselves on the deep weedlines, and will spend the majority of the summer hanging in the cabbage and coontail while feeding on bluegills and crayfish. Early mornings will see a movement of some of these deeper fish into shallow cover for low light feeding binges before slipping back into the deep. For these early morning shallow bites, I target ricebeds with frogs and reed beds with flipping jigs. Once they are out deep, I target largemouth with deep diving crankbaits,such as the Rapala DT-16, and jig-worms around inside turns and weed points. For the smallmouth, I use finesse jigs and drop shots around isolated boulders and rock/grass mixtures in anywhere from 12ft to sometimes as deep as 40ft. Both species tend to school this time of year, especially the smallmouth. Finding deep fish requires patience and some good electronics. July and August are offer some of the best bass fishing of the year. If interested in learning more about the fantastic bass fishing the Longville Lakes area has to offer or would like to book a guide, please contact Andrew's Guide Service at 218-251-6894


Dan Ryan and myself fished the MTT out on Winnibigoshish on Sunday, going into the tournament we had found fish in a few different areas shallow and they were more than willing to cooperate during prefishing, then of course the day of the tournament they didn't seem to be interested in what we were dangling in front of them. So we had to switch gears, and Dan with his wealth of knowledge along with  the markability of Winnies deep water walleyes we went arch hunting. Dan drove the boat from spot to spot and ran the water in the fishiest places and if we marked a walleye we hovered it and put Jraps and Johnny darters down as fast as we could, now when you are use a bait like these two you put  them on the bottom and rip your rod as if you are setting the hook on a fish and you go up and down 2 feet or so. Not to get off track but that was our most effective way to catch walleyes out there. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-048


It's warming up here in the Minnesota northwoods, water temps in the Longville area are in the low to mid 70s and the dog days have begun. Weedlines are extending themselves out into the deeper water, the edges I have been finding that have been productive for me have been in 12-14 feet of water and leeches for walleyes have been my best live bait the past 2 weeks. I've also been fishing some deep humps, pulling lindys with leeches and crawlers before dark and on cloudy days with some success. The tough part about this time of year is not finding fish, quite frankly there are fish most every spot I have been going the eating part is the toughest to find the magic combo.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-048



The water has cooled down but the walleye bite remains fairly strong, esspecially considering where we were last year at this time. Temps in the upper 60's stable temps have given some life to the jig and shiner bite where it otherwise was lost until this cold spell. Fishing is getting more dificult on Leech so targeting smaller bodys of water in my eyes is the solution. We fished Boy yesterday and caught fish on a few different pieces of structure, there were fish on the mid lake humps as well as the shoreline breaks, and we caught all but 1 on a jig with a goldie. Musky fishing has been very slow with the cooler water and I don't believe it will be getting better until the water warms up. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-048


The first big slow down in walleye fishing hit the Longville area this past week. While water temps remain cool, the normal progression and growth in numbers of baitfish and bugs in area lakes have scattered walleyes and make more of them lookers rather than biters. You can overcome this in two different ways: first, you can speed up. Pulling spinners with crawlers and leeches has been somewhat successful on Leech Lake. Covering more water and attempting to trigger a reaction bite will improve your chances when fish get finicky. Working wind driven breaklines has worked best, pulling the spinners along at 1.0-1.2MPH. The other option is to focus on the finer details of your slower presentations to try to get each fish you go over to bite. For me this means selecting the best looking bait I've got in the boat and lengthening out my leader lengths when live-bait rigging. A medium/large redtail or a large, lively leech has been best. Don't be afraid to experiment with adding a little jewelry to your live bait rig. Lastly, bite windows are going to shorten for many of the fish you find, so focus on hitting your best spots when the conditions are optimal. This means either early morning, right at dusk, or right on the edge of a weather change. Dan Ryan Guide Service: www.danryanguideservice.com


Wind, weather fronts, and the mayfly hatch has made bass fishing in the Longville Lakes area an ever changing adventure the past few weeks. When the weather has allowed, I have been finding the smallmouth on sharp breaks and boulder points in 12-20 foot of water. I use topwater baits and swimbaits to locate the schools of post spawn smallies and then use a drop shot with a 4" senko to catch the majority of the fish. Early mornings are still offering up fast action on topwaters over shallow rock humps and points before the fish move off into the deeper water with the advancing of the day. The Largemouth are scattered between the shallow rice and reed beds and the developing deep weedlines where they well spend the majority of their summer. Early mornings and late evenings are offering an outstanding slop frog bite. Frogs are an excellent choice for fishing the rice beds of the Longville area lakes, as they work in the rice tendrils efficiently and locate the active fish in the area. Late June offers one of my favorite patterns of the year in the pre-summer deep weedline bite. The largemouth are following the post-spawn bluegills and sunfish in their migration to their summer haunts in the deeper weeds. I look for a mix of cabbage and coontail weeds located on inside turns and points. I use jig worms, drop shot rigs, and crankbaits to target these deeper fish. When largemouth first set up on these early season weedlines fishing can be fast and furious. Once I have located a school I will drop a marker buoy so I can target these fish more efficiently. The post-spawn/pre-summer patterns I am currently seeing from both species should last up until the July 4th weekend, in which time the Summer patterns will be emerging. The bass are always biting in the Longville lakes area. If interested in a guided trip on your local lake or just looking to talk bass fishing, give Andrew's Guide Service a call at 218-251-6894

Water temps have stayed very stable the past week staying between 67-71 depending on the different lakes, day, and wind. Jigs and minnows have really slowed down here the last week but we are still catching fish other ways. There has been a few bug hatches in the Longville area and the latest one is Leech. Yesterday was the first time I had seen a very strong hatch this year but we caught fish even so. Pulling spinner rigs with crawlers seemed to be the most successful pulling that 1.1-1.4 mph was the main speed. I was able to J-rap a couple when we hovered good marks. My color of choice is the perch color in the size 7. The smaller lakes have been a ton of fun too. Inguidona, Big Boy, Wabedo, and Woman have been good on the weed edges with minnows and leeches. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-048


Fishing all over the Longville area remains good! Woman Lake has rebounded from the first big mayfly hatch of the year and walleyes were hungry once again for what we had to offer. Fishing a jig and minnow or lindy rig and minnow in depth of 12-20 feet of water led to a mixed bag of walleyes and pike. Conditions were just right for fishing to be feeding and that's why the minnow won the day. Consider rigging a crawler or a leech during mid day hours or when the wind is down and the sun is up. Leech Lake continues to provide excellent action for walleye anglers. A good mix of keepers and slot fish are inhabiting the offshore structure on the main lake. Bait preference has been different each day, and even just from spot to spot. Make sure to bring minnows, crawlers, and leeches and experiment often. It seems when you find fish near bait they are more likely to prefer a minnow. If you find fish without bait around they have preferred crawlers and leeches. Spinner season is right around the corner, so if you find yourself having a slow day, consider speeding things up and it may turn your luck. Good luck out there and happy fishing!- Dan Ryan Guide Service www.danryanguideservice.com



After a grinder of a week prefishing and fishing the Leech Lake Classic, I have found that my hard work has paid off. Earning a 6th place plack out of 155 boats, against some of the best fishermen and women in the area,  and cashing a nice check to boot it was one of the best experiences I have had. It was one of those rare occasions where the fish that I had found spot checking the week before did not move off the spots. Finding them on rock humps that toppeed out anywhere from 8 feet to 22 feet, it didn't matter they seemed to enjoy the tops of the humps on rocky spines. Jigging a shiner caught all of our fish, not to say that a rig would not have, but why not use what is working. I am afraid to say that the jig bite is nearing its end. Hot weather and bug hatches are here and they are not going away any time soon so spinners and rigs will domminate the water.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Early June in the Longville Lakes area is one of my favorite times to be on the water. both species of bass are coming off the spawn and are looking to regain the energy they expended building and protecting their nests, and are susceptible to a myriad of presentations from the angler. Speaking for myself, early June means one thing: topwater. For the smallies, this means throwing Zara Spooks and Rapala Skitter Pops around rock points adjacent to spawning flats and 6-12ft rock reefs. Early morning and late evening offer the best windows for topwater action, but with the upcoming warming trend the fish should be on the bite all day. For Largemouth, early June in the Longville Lakes area is a topwater nirvana. after they are finished spawing, the largemouth move directly to reed and cattail beds in pursuit of bedding bluegills. I am constantly looking in the water for the larger bluegill nesting colonies. once located, I like to throw Terminator buzzbaits in and around the nests and reed beds, which offers some of the most explosive topwater bites of the year. Another great topwater option for early season largemouth is a Terminator Popping Frog. The frog comes in handy for fishing areas with emergent wild rice, as the blade of the buzzbait is rendered mute in the clingy blades of early season rice. The frog is also an excellent choice for throwing around boat docks and emerging lilly pad fields. I prefer using white bellied frogs with a high sun and black bellied frogs in lowlight conditions. The frog is such a vital part of bass fishing in the Longville area that once tied on the spring, it doesn't come off until late October. The OneStop offers a full line of topwater lures that were mentioned above, and the helpful staff can help get you started on the early season topwater bonanza. From the beginnings of the Boy River Chain in the spring fed depths of Ten Mile Lake all the way to the rice filled bays of Leech Lake, the topwater bite for both smallmouth and largemouth bass will be hitting a crescendo in the next two weeks. If interested in learning more or booking a guided trip in the Longville area, contact Andrew's Guide Service at 218-251-6894.


Memorial weekend was busy on the water, but for good reason. Walleyes are biting pretty darn good out on Leech and Woman dispite the weather. I have still been jigging a minnow but a few people have switched over to leeches and crawlers with the water warming up a smidge to 55-58 depending on the lake, location, and depth. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be sunny and warm, this should trigger fish to get on the move and continue to  put the feed bag on. Targeting shallow water has been my key to success, most fish I have boated have been in 5-9 feet on wind driven rock points and adjacent flats. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleye fishing has been very steady this season thus far nothing outstanding but never bad. The water temps have been as high as 57 on the main body of leech and woman which is pretty high for the middle of may, but the temps have now cooled down to as low as 51 degrees. That will end up being a pretty good thing for the months to come just to have that little set back in temperatures will keep these fish putting the feed bag on for a longer period of time. I have been finding all of my fish so far this season in less that 12 feet of water and most of my walleyes have been in under 6. Jigs and minnows have been the ticket thus far and that trend should continue.  Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



one of the warmest fishing openers in memory coincided with one of the best bass bites spring has to offer. the warm weather had both species of bass much further along in their spawn than one normally sees in mid-May. Smallmouths were already nest building, while the largemouth were flooding the shallows in pursuit of crappie and bluegills who were both already setting up on beds. while many smallmouth had reproduction on the brain, there were still a good deal of fish looking to eat. this time of year it is hard to beat the one-two punch of a jerk bait and tube jig. targeting rock/sand flats with boulder and reeds mixed in are key smallmouth spring locations. the boy river chain is one of the premier smallmouth fisheries in the state of Minnesota. Woman lake is infamous for its trophy quality smallmouth, while an angler looking for more numbers can find them on both Wabedo and Little Boy. don't sleep on Baby and Mann lakes, as both have healthy and vibrant populations of smallmouth as well. Lakes that may surprise you with stable smallmouth populations include Inguadona, Big Boy, and Leech. while I found many of the smallies on beds and a little hesitant to bite, the largemouth more than made up for it by chasing everything thrown at them with a fervor. while I did see a handful of largemouth on beds, the majority of them where on the feed. finding largemouth bass in the spring around the Longville lakes area is almost universal. key on wild rice flats adjacent to deep water or creeks/rivers. rice flats with lilly pad stem systems and reeds are golden. this time of year, most largemouth bass have an abundant food supply in the panfish that are flooding the shallows to spawn. therefore, using action baits such as spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and my personal favorite, swim jigs are a major producer for May bass. I prefer natural colors with some sun, and darker colors if I have low light conditions. I have also had near a dozen run-ins with our toothy friends the muskie on the past few days. I found the males set up just outside their spawning bays, presumably waiting for the females to roll in for the spawn. the two females I saw were both in current and chasing what I presume to be perch. muskie season doesn't open for a few weeks yet, so avoiding hooking into one is encouraged while bass fishing. if I see a muskie behind my bait I immediately slap the water with my rod tip. it kills the action of the lure and scares the fish away. the season is just getting started, and the Longville lakes area is primed for a banner year for both species of bass. if interested in learning more about bass fishing in the Longville lakes feel free to drop in at the One-Stop. they have an excellent selection of bass tackle geared towards the fish in our local lakes and a staff well versed in the local bite. otherwise, feel free to give me a call if you have questions, are looking for a guide, or just want to talk bass fishing! see you on the water! Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894

Randy Eastvold will be on the water opening morning and this is the plan for him. It looks like there is going to be a north wind for saturday morning so he is going to start out on the north end of Big Pipe, the next spot on his list was Hogers Reef, Randy was saying that he thinks these fish are going to be shallow even if the wind isn't blowing that hard, targeting the 8 feet and less will be his main depth. Randy is going to be jigging all morning with a rainbow, depending on the wind speed he will be using a 1/4 ounce or an 1/8th ounce jig, the main colors being parrot, gold, and firetiger. Randy Eastvold and Redtail Tackle co. 507-440-8469



This week has been phenomenal for panfish, warm temps and calm winds have these fish in shallow and with an empty stomach.

That is enough panfish talk.. In 4 days walleye season will begin, the way the spring has went thus far it's going to be quite the opener. Walleyes are way past post spawn which is great for the smaller lakes in the area that don't turn on until memorial weekend or so. The water temps are plenty high for these fish to be on the shoreline breaks or on top in an agressive feeding mood. If you are going to fish Woman lake I suggest going to government point to start your morning in 6-12 feet of water with a parrot colored jig and a shiner minnow actively moving it on up and down off the bottom. If that is a bust for you head over to bungy bay and fish those shorelines in 12-16 feet and move anywhere from .5 to .8 mph until you find an active school. If you are headed to lets say Little Boy the Y bar should be going pretty good there is already some cabbage growth on the flats up top so finding the edges will be key. Winnie and Cut Foot should be out of this world this weekend, post spawned fish ready to feed... Need I say more? Leech I would believe should be excellent going out of Bevik early in the morning there WILL be fish biting on partridge point and on the clay banks. If the wind is blowning do not be afraid to get shallower than 6 feet, this time of year there is a lot of bait that push up there and you will not be sorry you tried it. The One Stop has and will have spotail shiners for the weekend and hoping to get some redtails also. Good luck this weekend I hope all goes well and you have a successfull, enjoyable, and respectful opener. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Warm temps these past couple days have left crappies in a much better mood than the snow, wind and rain of the days prior. Warm sunshine and low wind pushes these fish into dark muddy bays that fill up with life in the spring. Walleye season is fast aproaching and the speculation of what is to come for the year is looking very positive. Even though the snow and cold is pretty miserable in april it serves a bigger purpose that we won't cash in on until late may/ early june. The cooling water temps will keep walleyes in shallow water longer which will make them undoubtedly easier to catch than a lazy walleye laying on the bottom in 30 feet of water all day. So at least in my eyes the snow in april and may can keep on comming! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Crappies have been active dispite mother natures attempt to make it winter again, with the snow and the rain you just have to move out a little to get these fish to go. It seems like whenever the sun comes out they move right back into the small bays where the temps warm up quickly and food is plentiful. The Woman Lake chain has been  very good in lantern, little woman and otter bay, hair jigs are always a good chioce but don't discard the classic beatle spin. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


4-4-17 Get your boats out of storage, the ice season is OVER! It was a season full of ups and downs from stubborn deep water crappies to super aggressive shallow water walleyes. Now it is time to change gears and start looking for open water for prespawn perch sunfish and crappies. Townline lake is 90% ice free which is one of the first to open up. Leech and Woman still have a little ways to go before they let loose but i don't feel like they will last the weekend. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-28-17 Warm beautiful spring days are making the ice deteriorate quickly but there is still time left on the clock. I am guessing some of the smaller lakes will Not be safe to go on but the larger lakes like Leech and Winnie will still be accessible by foot possibly by wheeler, and that may be a stretch. The jumbo perch are still smacking and the gills and crappies have turned on in their spring time areas in the shallow weeds. If you have time this week and want that last little pinch of ice fishing I would not wait, get it while the gettin's good! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-21-17 It is truly hard to beat a warm day in March on the ice pounding JUMBO PERCH with good friends. That is exactly what we did this weekend, Bob Landreville, Eric Rutt, and I went all over Leech looking for these big perch and finally after 20 miles of driving around on the ice with side by sides, wheelers and trucks we landed on them. The group of us started with different tactics for getting the big boss hawgs, Bob started with smaller jigs like a Forage Minnow Jig with waxies or half a minnow and he undoubtedly caught more than I did but not as many keepers. Eric had a small Kenkatch Boss Spoon with just a head of a minnow and he definitely held his own. I on the other hand went very big with the biggest green Macho Minnow I could find and a half minnow. I ended up with a lot of keepers and not to many small ones, which in my eyes is a good thing, my lures down in the strike zone for longer and I don't lose my bait as much. The ice on leech is still good I drove my truck out this morning but it will certainly be my last. Wheelers for sure this weekend and we will have to wait and see what next week brings. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-14-17 March has proven that it can be harsh and just as wintery as the months prior lows up here reached a bitter 15 below and north colder yet. With the lack of snow the cold has built a few more inches of ice on what we had already and closing up the blow holes provided from the melt off from our last two warm ups. The forecast is looking nice for fishing and with a small cold snap in the future ice fishing is going to remain with it. Perch is what I will be looking for primarily with a few crappies on the side, shallow water is all I will target from here on out looking for green weeds and bull rushes will hopefully provide the most action. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-7-17 March so far can not make up its mind if it wants to be spring or winter. While most of the Metro has very unsafe ice if any and tornado warning , this part of MN and north are enjoying nice weather with drivable ice for the foreseeable future. The past couple days though have not come without trouble though, yesterday even though it was 50 degrees the sideways rain and 25 mph winds made it not very inviting to be on the ice, then today we have a blizzard putting a nice little layer of snow on the ground for us. Enough about the weather, I did do some fishing before the weekend. The sunfish I caught were shallow, between 4-11 feet mostly in that 8 foot area though. Crappies have still been my biggest trouble of the season, being deep at first now seemingly disappearing from areas that I "always" catch them at in the later parts of true winter. Luckily in this part of the state there are two very good options that this time of year produce in most conditions, perch and burbot. Perch are being caught on woman weeding through the smalls to get the bigs. Burbot is a nice evening activity for people like me who long for the big rod bend of big fish, withdrawals from walleye fishing are truly the cause of this, and seemingly the only option to catch a sizeable fish this time of year is a pout. One of my tricks to staying on the pout and staying warm is keeping mobile, pout are aggressive predators not the scavengers they are made out to be. At times they will chase 5-10 feet off bottom before engulfing 3 minnows on a spoon or jig, so give a hole 2-5 min max then move to the next hole. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3-1-17 Walleye season has come and gone, I fished hard until the end bell on closing day until midnight and it was a lot of fun! Although I didn't have a ton of fish come through it seemed like every one of them bit, whether they were walleyes or burbot both were aggressive. It's hard to see this season come to an end but it means we are one step closer to chasing them around in open water. I also chased around panfish this week and from what I can tell of the situation these fish are in a transition from the deep water to the shallows but they are not there yet. I punched about 100 holes in both one day in areas I generally catch fish with no sign of life other than 3-5 inch perch. With that being said I also fished perch this week and the jumbos bit well finding them up against the rushes in 3-5 feet with big spoons and a little sorting ended up with a good batch of perch. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-24-17 Ice conditions up here are still good, I've still been driving my truck on the ice with no issues one thing to be aware of while traveling is the blow holes from the water draining through, they are at their worst where traffic is high. Perch fishing has been good since the warm up in the shallows up by the reeds and out in the deep water humps. I have had a very tough time finding crappies out deep it seems like there are a few in the shallow waters but not a lot of them, it seems to me they are in a transition to the shallows but are taking their sweet time. Sunfish are roaming around the shallow cabbage weeds and are aggressive at times. The real excitement is the eel pout fishing, that has really amped up since the warm up some are even being caught during the day!! Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2-14-17 Ice conditions seemed to be stable for now we still have snow on the ground all around the Longville lakes area, and anticipate this weekend with it reaching potentially 50 degrees the ice should still be fine. Walleye fishing continues to be very good on leech, 6-10 feet of water with spoons and gumball jigs without a rattle. Sunfish action is picking up on lakes where the weed bed bite is predominant, like Inguidona and Big Boy. Crappies are back to their finicky ways, staying close to the bottom and not wanting to chase baits up in the water column. The only way I have found to catch these buggers is a tungsten jig and a plastic like a Powerbait Swordtail or an Impulse Blood Worm with small movements and commitment will get the job done. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-7-17 Burbot fishing is upon us!!!! Eel pout are putting the feed bags on heavy in anticipation of the upcoming March spawn, making this hard fighting fish easily targetable! A 1 ounce glow jig head and 3 fatheads through the tail is what it takes. Bouncing it off the bottom 4-5 times before raising it up and pausing the jig. The steep breaks coming from the depths are the structure to look for, starting in 30 feet and working around from there. In other news the walleyes are still chomping in the shallows and crappies are still hit or miss, the most consistent bite is in the weeds. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-31-17 This past week has been my best fishing this winter thus far. Crappies seem to still be in 40+ feet of water but instead of hugging the bottom 6 feet they have suspended up into the low 30s over that deep water making them much easier to find, much more aggressive, and possible to catch and release. I went spearing twice this week seeing well over 20 fish in the relatively short time spent in the shack, small red and white slow swimming wood decoy paired with an 8 inch sucker seemed to do the trick. Walleye fishing has been what made this week so much fun. Less than 8 feet of water, extremely active walleyes and light action rods put a bunch of fish on the ice. Using a lighter rod in such skinny water is key in this situation too stiff of rod you set the hook on a fish that is 2 feet off bottom in 7 feet of water with a solid hookset and a crank that fish crashes against the ice and off he comes. The Green Kenkatch Boss spoon has been my go to all season, the absence of a rattle has made all the difference with these fish. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-28-17 Walleye fishing on Leech Lake has been spotty. Fishing on the mid lake humps has slowed some, and while there are still fish to be caught, there have been some slow days mixed in for those sitting in big wheel houses. Wil and I switched gears yesterday tried a shallower shoreline break. The break was full of very small perch in the afternoon. The perch cleared out right as the sun hit the trees and we had a pretty good run of walleyes that lasted for just over an hour. A move to shallower water, and a focus on prime time may lead to better results than sitting out the day on a deeper hump. Travel on the lake is good, and besides a pressure ridge here and there you are free to travel just about anywhere you want. Always check in with the One Stop crew or stop at a local resort for up to date travel conditions. Good luck! Dan Ryan Guide Service: www.danryanguideservice.com 507-340-8860 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-27-17 The ice is rough but it is thick, we cut a spear hole on leech yesterday and there was well over 2 feet of ice. After we cut the hole I was able to sneak 20 minutes of fishing in and got bit twice. Leech has been producing still, the fish are just scattered and keeping away from other houses is key. My advice is either go very big like a light pike sucker or go with a small fathead or a large crappie minnow. Crappies have been really deep, mid 40s within 2 feet of the bottom is where I have found them, and because they have been so deep and on the bottom I don't fish them much at all. There are not a ton of situations where a fish from that deep can be released. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-17-17 Trucks are being driven on the majority of lakes in the area, with ice ranging from 12-24 inches depending on snow conditions and lakes. Walleye fishing has improved along with the temperatures. Using bigger minnows like a light pike sucker or a bigger goldy on a bared hook or a Gemini while jigging seems to be working. The Kenkatch Boss Spoon is my go to lure hands down for walleyes and perch when I am jigging tipped with the head of a fathead. Crappie action has slowed in the past two weeks, plastics are a must right now to entice these finicky floppers to bite. Moustache worms are my favorite but I have also been playing around with some new Powerbait called the Swordtail and it has the long tail just like a bloodworm and I have had some success with it so far. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-11-17 The Longville area has gotten a little bit of a break from the bitter cold for a few days before the next blast of arctic air rolls in, and fisherman are taking advantage of it. With walleyes being in a mid winter pattern and becoming harder and harder to catch a lot of focus has switched to panfish. Wabedo and Big Boy have received the bulk of the fishing pressure with not a lot to show for it. Lantern Bay and Squaw Bay are giving up good numbers and size for bluegills, site fish these areas through a spear hole with jigs and wax worms or jigs and plastics. Crappies are going pretty good before dark and right at dark on Mule and Blackwater with minnow heads and Lindy Flyer spoons. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-06-17 The ice conditions are steadily improving in the Longville lakes area, the past two days of peaking in the low positive digits and lows of -27 and -31 help that cause. Bluegills and crappies are being caught with some consistency on Inguidona and Little Rice, sitting still with finesse plastics like the Trigger X moustache worm or Northland Impulse minnows in the weeds. walleyes have been hit or miss too with the shoreline break bite fading away searching the mid lake humps are a necessity. The new Rapala Slab Rap is an excellent search bait for walleyes, it combines the sporadic action of a classic Chubby Darter with the rattle of the Rippin Rap, a combo eyes just can't refuse. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-27-16 Fishing in the Longville Lakes are has been good! Panfish, walleye, and pike have all been biting well. Crappies have been going in your typical bowl like structures over deep water suspended, while the sunfish maintain their status in the shallow weed beds on Inguidona, Big boy, and Squaw bay. Walleyes are biting well during the low light periods in the mornings and evenings on Leech on the south end of the lake, on Woman near Horseshoe Island and off of Government point. Pike are being targeted and caught off of tip ups on shallow points and weed edges using small suckers and quick strike rigs, Big Boy, Broadwater Bay, and the east side of Leech are excellent areas to try out. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12/24/16 Echoing what Bob reported from yesterday, fishing is pretty darn good on Leech right now. While he's been targeting shoreline stuff, I spent an evening on an offshore hump that topped out at about 20 feet with a mix of sand, gravel and rock on top. I set up on the shallowest part of the hump for the evening bite and found a mixed bag of perch and walleye. I didn't mark a walleye until right at dark, but I had a lot of perch on the screen the entire time, and had a few schools of good sized fish move through a couple times. Walleyes bit from dark right up until I filled my limit at 8:00. I imagine the bite would have lasted longer had I stayed. The new Rapala Slab Rap was a my aggressive bait, and a red glow fluttering buckshot worked as well. A few fish came on a deadstick too. 8-10" of ice out in the middle of the lake. Get out there was fishing is good! Dan Ryan Guide Service: www.danryanguideservice.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12/22/16 The walleye fishing on Leech is good. The shoreline breaks have been producing fish. The depth of the water has been 15-18 feet of water staying on top of the breaks. The mid lake humps on top have been producing also. The ice ranges from 9-13 inches of ice on the big lake. Some full size trucks have been driving to Olsons reef. The fish have been hitting jigging spoons and do not forget the red hook and shinner on the dead stick. I think before the storm this weekend the fish should bite really well. I have been driving the four-wheeler out for now. I have a couple of rental houses out by Olsons. Remember be safe and good fishing. Bob Landreville at South Shore Guide Service/218-535-0749 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12-21-2016 Dan Ryan Guide Service Fishing Report There is fishable ice spread all throughout the Longville area now, but ice thickness is quite variable. On Woman Lake, I've heard reports of up to 11" and as low as 4" so I would suggest staying on the safe side and planning to walk if you are fishing before Christmas. The smaller panfish lakes in the area should have enough ice for a walkout trip, but be sure to check ice thickness as you go, or stop in at the One Stop for up to date ice thickness reports. The start of the ice season came with the coldest weather in 3 years, so walleyes were slow moving and fishing wasn't great in the Longville area. The warming, stable weather should improve fishing. On the main lake fish are being caught during the prime feeding windows. These fish are tending to be slot fish, with very few keepers coming on the early shoreline break fishing locations. A shift to the mid-lake humps may lead you to more keepers and better numbers. I'll be testing this theory today and will let you know how it goes! Good luck! Dan Ryan Guide Service- www.danryanguideservice.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-20-16 Bitter cold temperatures have limited fishing in the Longville area, but that's about to change with wonderful warm weather on the way it should make for some very enjoyable fishing around here. The ice conditions in the area despite seeing -30 overnight a few nights ago is still very spotty, the smaller lakes are seeing less ice than leech and Winnie due to snow cover. I fished yesterday on a mid sized walleye lake and found anywhere from 3-7 inches depending on where the snow was deepest, so be careful if you are thinking about driving wheelers out. leech has the most ice in the area, finding anywhere from 8-13 inches along the shoreline areas of the main lake and the bays (excluding Walker). The walleye bite on leech has been okay, you'll get your 2-5 bites in the morning and evening not much for walleyes during the day. The best luck I had out there was with a Kenkatch Boss spoon with a fathead head, jigging very aggressively off the bottom 1-2 feet along with a deadstick in the other hole with either a small sucker or a fathead. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-11-16 The ice season has officially begun!!! I am 3 days deep into walkable fishable ice and it has had its ups and downs so far but hey I am out enjoying the ice. We took a couple trips to Red lake to find rust stained waters and 0 success, so we stuck to a small lake around Longville and we found 2.5-5 inches of ice around the shore lines and 2-4 in the area we fished, needless to say we avoided the areas that only had 2. The temps were below 0 but the sunfish and crappies did not care, it seemed like if you could get on top of the school you instantly caught one. Tungsten jigs like the VMC Tungsten Tubby worked best for me, I tend to favor them for their larger hooks on such a small jig, the bigger doesn't seem to let the fish eat the entire jig just the bait that's on it leading to easier releases. This week we plan to fish hard on the smaller lakes in search of panfish and pike in the hopes of putting some numbers up the sub zero temps in the forecast look like it will only help our cause. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11-30-16 It is not very often that I have not been on the ice before December 1 but that is the case for 2016. Cooler temps a week ago after the 19 inches of snow had me believing its possible that I may be fishing this weekend, but the temps didn't hold the snow turned to rain melting all but trace amounts of white from the woods. Most of the lakes are wide open and the past few days there have been boats on Leech and Woman. I've been keeping my eyes open for any lakes still frozen over after the rain, and there are a few in the area, while the weather looks like it might cooperate from here on out we will have to see how soon we see results. My prediction is I will try and venture out Wednesday on a small lake that is one of the first to harden up. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 10-18-2016 There has been a lot of boat traffic in the past week, mostly on the two hottest lakes in the area Woman and Leech. Walleyes on Leech are TOUGH when it is flat, but they can certainly be caught. Two tricks that I have to catching these critters is to use a 1/8th ounce or a 1/16th ounce jig tipped with a small fathead of shiner and troll it at .5-.8 MPH and let out A LOT of line. I use mono for this and a medium light rod with a lot of sensitivity, the mono and sensitive rod allows you to still fish feel the fish and the stretch of the line helps the fish hang on. Another way I get them when it is calm is to use a 1/4 ounce jig and a big redtail chub, but I rip jig them so I essentially the moment that jig hits the bottom I jig it aggressively up 6 inches then right back down. The depth range I have been finding fish on Leech is from 8- 13 feet of water. On Woman the Jigging Rap is going strong in 13-20 feet if you have some problems hooking fish try the head of a fathead on the rear hook, that gives the walleyes something to key in on instead of trying to h\mow down the entire thing at once. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 10-12-2016 Walleye fishing is near its apex for the fall, water temperatures fluctuating slightly between the low and mid 50's. Leech Lake has been the hottest lake around but if the wind is rocking a little to much Woman lake is no slouch by any means. For Leech as far as presentations go I would be pretty much a jig and a bigger minnow blue and white have been doing very well for me along with glow watermelon. Drift with these jigs on shoreline structures where the wind is blowing in, start out from the break and have it blow you towards shore, work up the break along with the flats on the tops. Woman lake if your are fishing relatively shallow water I would use a jig and a minnow, but if you are out in 14+ feet of water I would pull a lindy rig and a red tail or rainbow. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 9-30-16 Walleyes have been inconsistent this September, not to say that it has not been good it has just been spotty. Water temps have been hanging the upper 50's for the most part and the walleye fishing won't be at its best until it reaches the mid to lower 50's continuing into the upper 40's. Leech has been at its best so far when the wind is rockin', we found fish on the north end of bear in 6-8 feet of water right against the rocks as close as you safely could and this pattern should hold true if the wind is cool and the temperature keeps dropping. Duck hunting for our group has been very good as well but scouting is key. drive around at dusk and check areas that look "ducky" to see if they are holding in the rice filled area of the lakes or ponds. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484 9-14-16 September marks the beginning of some the best fishing of the year, and there are signs that the fall bite is just starting to take place. Sunday I had a guide trip and we found a good number of walleyes in 5-6 feet of water on the wind swept shorelines. We had fished quite some time at first with a jig and a fathead with no success, we then had switched to big chubs and immediately started getting bit. We had a pile of swings and misses because with such a big minnow you have to keep that same constant pressure that you had when you felt that bite and go back with it so that fish doesn't feel that jig drop, but at the same time not pulling back and putting more tension on that fish. Then when you think that fish has that minnow you set the hook hard. It will surprise you the size fish you will catch on a 4 inch creeky, in fact all of the fish we caught the other night measured 15-19 inches and even the smaller walleyes had the entire minnow in their mouths. Fall is settling in and it should be a good one. Wil Neururers North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The end of August is one of my favorite windows for bass fishing. The rice is fully mature, the water is still plenty warm, and the Rusty crawfish has its second molt of the season. The rusty crayfish molt both softens the carapace of the crayfish and brightens its colors, making them much more susceptible to predation from about every predator in the lake system. The rusty crawfish has brought devastation to the Longville Lakes area cabbage beds, but has been a boon for bass fisherman. I am not necessarily looking to match the hatch during the rusty molt. Rather, I'm looking to target rice/sand/silt combinations with frogs and stick worms, as the crayfish in their red/blue/white mating colors juxtapose themselves in such substrate. Slop frogs cover a lot of water, especially when fishing long stretches of wild rice. I target points, inside turns, weed mixtures (lillypads in the rice are key,) and rice with a defined edge. One important thing to remember when fishing artificial frogs: the initial splash down of the frog is absolutely the most vital part of ones presentation. After the frog hits the water, let that sucker sit there for at least ten seconds, allowing the ripples around it to fade away. Every bass in the area heard that frog hit the water. Give them time to hone in on it. often times the bass will inhale the frog before its even moved! Stop back in September for my Fall smallmouth report. See you on the water! -Andrew's Guide Service- (218)251-6894



We had a little taste of fall weather last week cooling the surface temp 5-8 degrees around the area lakes, not cool enough for fish to be in their fall patterns but its getting closer. Walleyes are staging near their fall destinations but they don't seem to be there yet. Working a little bit deeper water near shoreline breaks is a good start, pulling spinners with crawlers or rapalas to try and pattern where the walleyes are sitting in relation to the structure, then switching to a more deadly approach like Jigging Raps, Flat jigs, and Red Tails. The musky action has also been very good, speed is the name of the game, spinnerbaits in the bull rushes and big buck tails or Bulldawgs on the breaks seem to be producing. Try to do your self a favor and make sure yourself in a good position to be successful, get up and get out early in the morning, and stay out until dark or a little after at night, this time of year that is when the fish are most active and willing to eat.

Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service- (218) 232 0484


Walleye fishing has been the best its been since late June for me. Finding loads of eater fish and a few big fish on some smaller weed topped humps in the early afternoons and later. REDTAILS REDTAILS REDTAILS! Its a common theme for these late summer months going into fall for good reason. The young of the year perch are little monsters when it comes to keeping crawlers on your rigs, and leeches are so hard to come by this time of year its hard to keep an invertebrate down there. The way I see it the small perch that pester your bait so much down there are excellent forage for your key species like walleyes, smallmouth and pike. Redtails are the best way to "match the hatch" in this case and with the size being equal to or greater than the size of the perch, they tend to leave you alone. There are two ways to run a redtail for walleyes, first is rigging them which in the deep water of Walker Bay is king, but in other places like Wabedo jigging them can be very effective! Wil Neururer's Leech Lake Guide Service (218)-232-0484


With water temps at their summertime high, walleye fishing has been tough in the Longvile area. The best advice I've got for walleye anglers is choose your time of day and weather conditions wisely. On Woman Lake, walleyes are beginning to show up in their early fall locations, which is a good sign, but getting fish to bite has been tricky. Fishing the early morning or late into the evening with a jig and a redtail has been best. Start your search in 18-20 feet of water, but don't be afraid to slide right up to the weed edges, or off the deeper breaks when looking for fish. If you mark fish but can't get them to bite keep moving but remember to revisit the best looking school during the primtetime hour and you should be able to get a few to cooperate. Good luck! Remember fall is right around the corner and walleye fishing should pick up soon.

Dan Ryan Guide Service- www.danryanguideservice.com or 507-340-8860



The Musky action on Leech Lake is very good.  The fish are on the rocks and shorelines.  The walleye action also has benn good with the UV shad rsaps #5 in the evening.  Walker Bay has been producing a decent walleye bite in the eveining off of sand point also. The Leech Lake Customs Lures have been working good with using the new Revo Rocket Reel now at sale in the One Stop.  Try rubber when the action is slow using bulldogs and shadzilla.  The topwater bite is also been picking up using Top Raiders or the Mud Puppys. Enjoy your day on the water and remember take a kid fishing. Bob Landreville Shouth Shore Guide Service 218-536-0749.




8-5-2016 This week of Fishing was full of ups and downs, to start the week we took a little adventure to a lake back in the woods with largemouth, smallmouth and shoepack muskellunge in it. The muskies did not cooperate as they sometimes do, but the bass sure did finding them on the weed edges with a Texas rig and a junebug colored worm. That afternoon we hit a small lake that I like to walleye fish in the mid summer months, and we did quite well, boxed almost a dozen and missed a hand full of bites. Most of our fish came off of a 3D eye jig and a smaller red tail, but we did manage some on a blown up crawler on a lindy. 17-32 feet on mid lake humps but the humps had to have weeds on the tops of them. Leech though has been a tough bite, spinners and crawlers have had the most success, but crankin has also caught fish during the day and afternoon periods. Wil Neururers North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Report from Andrew's Guide Service 8-3-2016 One could get the sense from reading previous fishing reports that the bite in the Longville Lakes area is tough. I have no doubt that fishing is presently underwhelming...unless you are a bass fisherman! This past week has seen the bass bite flourish, as hotter than normal water temps have the fish on the feed for longer windows than one normally sees in August. My clients and I have been finding fish on any number of patterns, with the frog and dropshot bite both being well above average. I have also been seeing more #5 fish come into my boat in the past two weeks than I can count. One reoccurring theme I am finding for these trophy fish is that when present in a school, the biggest fish are either the first one caught or the last one caught. Working through a school of #3 fish in order to get to the #5 is as a enjoyable experience as one can get fishing this time of year. If the Walleye and panfish bite has got you caught in the summer blues, give bass fishing a shot. The hotter the summer, the better the fishing! I currently have the afternoon of August 6th available for an afternoon of fish catching. Give me a call at (218)251-6894. See you on the water! -Andrew-

This week of walleye fishing has been a challenge for sure as it should be for the last week of July. For the first time ever I fished smallmouth bass and let me tell you what, it was a riot! Top water fishing with Skitter Pops and Zara Spooks across the shallow water entering deep water off of shore line breaks. We did have one fun afternoon of fishing for walleyes, we trolled Salmo Hornets, and 5 Shad Raps in the afternoon on Leech, we caught the bulk of our fish on sandy shore lines from 12-15 feet. If you are planning on trying live bait crawlers and leeches are a good idea especially since you can keep them alive for more than a few hours, but if you are like me and want to try minnows whenever you go out the best way I have found to keep them from tippin' is the Engel Bait cooler, and keep that water cool with the bubbler on, it seems like you can keep them alive for a lot longer period of time. Wil Neururers North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Report from Dan Ryan Guide Service: Walleye fishing in the Longville lakes area has been tougher this past week. The midsummer patterns are setting up according to schedule, but anglers can expect to work to catch fish during the "Dog Days". Two important things to think about when planning a trip: first, try to plan your time on the water to be as productive as possible. That means fishing under ideal weather conditions, or waiting for the lowlight periods. Most fish are being caught during the peak periods of the day, especially just as the sun hits the trees. Slower, more traditional presentations such as a livebait rig or a jig are still working during these time periods. If you plan on fishing during the day, make a point to do something that will cover some ground. This means pulling spinners or crankbaits to most people, but can also include casting jigging raps at breaklines or along the edges of offshore humps. Understanding that not every fish is going to bite is important. Keep moving and be willing to switch tactics often. I used every rod in the boat on a trip earlier this week. Some specifics: Leech Lake walleyes are being found on shoreline breaks and offshore flats in 10-13 feet of water during the day. Fishing wind driven structure is always a good idea. If you are up this week, take advantage of the full moon and spend some time on the water after dark. Fishing will be better, and you will stay cooler. Good luck and happy fishing!

Next opening: Tuesday, July 26th. www.danryanguideservice@gmail.com or 507-340-8860



Well mid summer is here and the fish know it. the water is warm the forage is plenty and the fish are picky, but there are plenty of ways to get the walleyes to bite this time of year and reaction is the name of the game. Spinner rigs are a good live bait presentation this time of year at anywhere between 1mph and 1.6mph. Another good presentation are Jigging Raps, fishing them on the tops of deep gravel humps and on the deep edge of weed humps, but be sure when using these you use a stiff enough rod with strong fluorocarbon and a barrel swivel because J Raps will spin your line up. Lastly and probably the most effective is pulling crankbaits, Rapala Shad Raps at 2-3mph during the day and 1-2mph at night are great ways to especially when you have a big moon Wil Neururers North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Bass Fishing Report 7/9/2016- Andrew's Guide Service - July marks the beginning of the two month long "summer pattern" for all species of fish in the Longville Lakes Area. For largemouth bass fisherman this means two things: Frog fishing and deep weedline fishing. As wild rice begins to mature and begin growing vertically there is no better presentation than a Terminator frog fished on heavy braid. As forage is abundant this time of year for all species of fish, feeding windows become much shorter. It is therefore of upmost importance to focus ones time and energy on these small windows of fish activity. For frog fishing largemouth bass, this means being on the water as the sun comes up and as the sun goes down. Target inside turns, points, and transition areas of mixed emergent vegetation. As the day goes along, a frog fisherman will see an exponential decrease in shallow fish activity. This is the time of day to either take a nap or move out to the deep weed edge. After the spawn, largemouth remain shallow in masse as they actively feed on spawning bluegills and crappies. Once the panfish have finished their spawn, they move out to break lines, deep hard bottom areas, and points and inside turns on the weed edges. The largemouth bass are quick to follow. From July all the way through ice- on the bulk of the largemouth population will be on these key feeding areas, moving shallow only in those key early/late feeding periods. Techniques for catching these deeper fish include jig worms, deep diving crankbaits, and drop shots. Submergent vegetation comes in many different forms, so it is key to focus on the two types of vegetation that produce the most oxygen and spawing habitat for microscopic organisms; Cabbage and Coontail. Deep weedline fishing can offer some of the most fast and enjoyable action of the summer, as bass tend to school together. Schooling fish tend to be hypercompetitive, and if one fish triggers on a fisherman's presentationit tends to trigger the entire school into a feeding frenzy. Want more lessons on fish movements and behavior? Want to learn how to pattern and locate fish on your homelake? Give me a call at 218-251-6894. See you on the water! Andrew's Guide Service



Walleye fishing has been a struggle on leech, finding fish on humps is no trouble. Finding biting fish is a different story. Spinner rigs and jigging raps are my choices, a three hook harness jb spinner with a float for the rigs, and a bright UV green jigging rap. Use fluorocarbon leaders on the jigging raps I use 15 pound, its invisible under water and it keeps the pike from biting you off near as much. Crappies have been biting on girl, inguidona and little boy on beetle spins and thumper jigs. Wil Neururers North Leech Lake guide service. 218-232-0484


    The walleye fishing on leech is starting to pick back up after the big bug hatch. Concentrate on 15 to 20 feet of water pulling bottom bouncers with a crawler harness or a single leech harness. If all fails, try a jigging rap on the deeper rock piles. Small mouth fishing has continued to be good on the rock reefs and shoreline.  Water temps are warming and the muskies are starting to take off! South shore guide service, Bob Landreville 218-536-0749. Next trip available on 7/25/16.



6/21/16 walleye fishing has been pretty consistent across the Longville area. Woman has been giving up nice eaters on a variety of techniques, Lindy rigging a red tail provided us with our biggest keepers, but Jigging Raps provided us with numbers. Fishing has still been best in the mornings and afternoons for all species, and in those low light period don't be afraid to go up into the weeds and shallow rocks to find fish. Over the past weekend was the full moon and people took advantage on Leech fishing in Portage Bay with shallow Rapalas in 4-6 feet in the shallow sand flats at around 2 MP. People are doing well on crappies on girl lake with beattle spins in 8-12 feet tipping the spinner with a crappie minnow and going right around a mile an hour. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service- 218-232-0484


Two members of Team One Stop Outdoors fished the Leech Lake Classic this weekend and I was one of them! Bob Landrevile did very well at this tournament taking 6th place overall and being in 2nd place after day one. I on the other hand had a tougher time out there we had our bites to be very successful at this tournament but fell short, using jigging raps in 17-22 feet we had most of the bites on, but with j-raps it is hard to keep a fish from coming unbuttoned. Jigs and minnows also provided us with fish and the occasional lindy and leech. Other area lakes have been producing fish also woman has been good and little boy getting better and better with each passing day. Panfish are hitting on girl and mule too. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The walleye fishing has been strong.  Leech and the surrounding lakes in the Longville area have been producing a very good bite.

On leech the jig bite has been good.  Concentrate on cloudy days in 6- 10 feet water, and if  the sun is out go deeper.  The fish have been moving out to the mid lake humps. Do not be afraid to also try a leech or night crawler on a JB spinner rig.  Alot of nice keeper fish are biting.  Also the crappie bite remains strong.  Remember to keep moving around when fishing pan fish.  And once you locate them, practice releasing the 13+ inch crappies. They are future!

With musky season around the corner, it will be an exciting year. Stayed tuned! Call Me for a trip at 218-536-0749.


5/31/2016 Bass Fishing Report From Andrew's Guide Service The past week has seen the bass fishing in the Longville Lakes go from good to great, as the warm weather has the fish moving past the spawn and looking to get their feedbag on for the two week window of the postspawn. After the spawn is complete, both Largemouth and Smallmouth look to feed aggressivly to recover from the stress of mating. For Largemouths, this means looking for large females patrolling crappie and bluegill beds looking for an easy meal. Action baits such as a buzzbait or Chatterbait are excellent tools for covering water looking for active fish, whilst a stick worm or rubber skirted jig flipped around standing vegetation and boat docks can be the ticket when the sun is high and the bite becomes a little slow. Early June is my favorite time for chasing the Longville area Smallmouths, as they are extremely aggresive and prone to school up in roving packs relating to rocks, sand, and reeds. What makes fishing for smallies so special this time of year is their propensity to activley pursue topwater presentations such as a Rapala SkitterPop or a Heddon Zara Spook. Rock reefs or rock points adjacent to spawning flats are recommended targets. Low light conditions in the early AM and evening or overcast days are the targeted windows for the best topwater action. Any lake in the Longville area connected to the Boy River have trophy quality fish of both species, and one can do no wrong picking any of the lakes on the Boy River chain from Ten Mile to Leech in pursuit of postspawn bass of both species. As always, remember to practice catch and release and keep your boat clean of invasive species to maintain the Longville Lakes area world class bass fishing. Feel free to call for tips, tactics, or a guided bass trip with Andrew's Guide Service. I have an opening Friday morning from 6-10 am...the prime time topwater window! -(218) 251-6894



Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend up north! We enjoyed good weather and good fishing in the Longville Lakes area. Walleyes are biting on seemingly all presentations at this moment in time, Leech has been very good the past week catching both bigs and eaters off of otter tail point. Big Boy has been giving up good numbers of eater walleyes right before dark on the shoreline breaks by the island, and in front of the church camp in 8-14 feet. Wabedo has been good too on JB spinner rigs with a leech or a crawler out deep during the day in 18-30 feet and in the shallower water in the evening with a jig and shiner. A lot of bass are being caught off of Mule and Blackwater and look to Inguidona for good panfishing! My next available trip is Sunday the 5th of June. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


5/26/16 Report From Dan Ryan Guide Service: The past week showed signs of good fishing all over the Longville area. Water temps have reached into the low 60's and walleyes have been cooperative. Leech Lake walleyes have started to make a shift toward shallow water where they are seeking out shiners that have moved in to spawn. Look for shallow sand flats or mixed sand and rock. On Woman Lake, fish were being found in depth from 10-20 feet of water depending on conditions. Day time bites were better in the deeper water using a live bait rig and a shiner. As the sun got lower the jig bite picked up in 10-12 feet of water. The fish seemed to be schooled, hanging together in the deeper water and then shifting shallow when conditions are right. Memorial Day weekend should be great all around the region as long as the weather holds. I have one opening this weekend on Monday, May 30th. Good luck out there. Dan Ryan Guide Service: 507-340-8860

5-25-16 Walleye fishing in the Longville area was very good this weekend, leech lake gave them up on the main lake on Annex and /North Bar. Jig and a shiner was a good option but the best reports came off of red tails and a JB live bait rig when the wind was low. Woman lake has been good off of Government point giving up a bunch of tagged walleyes in 14-20 feet, if you do by chance catch a tagged fish record the tag number and bring it here to The One Stop so we can put it in our data log, Crappies have been biting very well on mule lake and on Blackwater lake in less than 5 feet on a hair jig and a minnow. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



5-22-15 Bass fishing report from Andrew's Guide Service. The week following the fridgid fishing opener has found the weather warming into the high 70's and low 80's, which has in turn kicked the Longville area bass into hyper drive in terms of the spawn. For the Smallmouth bass fisherman, this offers a golden opportunity for a chance at a 6 pound trophy, as almost all the area fish will be locked on beds up through Memorial Day weekend. Common Smallmouth spawing habitat includes protected rock flats with boulders and logs scattered throughout. 3" beaver baits and leech imitations on a drop shot are a recommended 1-2 punch. Remember, spawing fish are vital to maintaining a viable long term bass fishery. Catch and release is critically important this time of year. Use rubber landing nets and stronger than usual line to lessen the impact of the fish being caught, and have the camera and measuring tape in ready proximity to mimimize the time your trophy spends out of the water and away from protecting its bed. The Longville area Largemouth tend to spend a significant shorter time on their respective spawning beds, with females moving up and depositing their eggs in the span of a few hours with the full moom cycle. In fact, many Largemouth in some the smaller area lakes will already have finished the spawn and will be chasing action baits in one to the best feeding windows of the year: The postspawn. My favorite tactic during this time is throwing a buzzbait over rice flats and around reed clumps that have spawning bluegills and crappie. Bass will be looking to get the feedbag on in order to regain the lost energy used during the spawn, and will be aggresive and readily accesible. Keep it simple and stay shallow, as the deeper weedlines have yet to develop.If the sun is too high for the buzz bait bite, switch to a 1-2 punch of a Z-man Chatterbait and wacky rigged Senko. Memorial Day weekend is shaping up to have some tremendous bass fishing, with both species in various stages of the spawn. 100 fish days are common this time of year in the Longville lakes area, with trophy class fish of both species of bass available. Check back after Memorial Day weekend for my updated bass reports and some tips for catching postspawn Smallmouth. See you on the Water! - Andrew's Guide Service (218) 251-6894

5-18-16 Report from Dan Ryan Guide Service. Opening weekend was chilly, but fishing was good. Walleyes were found deeper than expected in 16-19 feet of water on Leech Lake. Fish were scattered along shoreline breaks and were caught fishing a spot tail shiner on a 1/4 oz JB Lures longshank jighead. Some fish were also caught on a live bait rig with a shiner. Warming weather this week makes me think fish will shift shallow following baitfish. Expect to find fish in shallow water if the wind is up or heavy cloud cover hangs overhead, otherwise don't be afraid to check the deeper side of the break in the same areas. I've got one opening this coming weekend on Sunday, May 22nd. Dan Ryan Guide Service: 507-340-8860 or www.danryanguideservice.com


5-18-16 Walleye season has finally begun! A busy weekend here at the One Stop with fisherman galore, despite the cold temps, strong winds, and snow flurries people endured it. I fished leech in 6-16 FOW with jigs and bigger fatheads on wind driven breaks, jigging aggressively with Kenkatch 3D eye jigs the bright green seemed to be the best color followed by parrot. Wabedo also produced in 17-20 FOW pulling JB spinner rigs and shiners along the break lines. Crappies bit after the weekend when the temps warmed up look the Girl, Blackwater, and Mule for numbers of fish. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



 The crappie action is heating up in the area lakes.  We fished yesterday and found the fish in depths of 3 to 4 feet of water.  The tempature of the water was 62.5 and the fish were biting on little demon ice fishing jigs.  The size of the fish were from 10 to 15 inches .  The wind was blowing hard out of the East making it harder to stay on the fish.  The crappies were around the scattered cabbage and in the reeds also.  The KenKatch jigs pink in color also produced a number of fish.  Remember release the big ones for future stock. If you are looking to book a trip call me.-South Shore Guide Service Bob Landreville 218-536-0749.




5/10/16 In only a few short days the focus will be on targeting walleyes on the big lakes and not so much on the panfish in the shallow bays, but don't over look it if your walleye action is a little lackluster. This past weekend was great as far as the weather goes but the panfish bite lacked consistency, which tells me the best is still yet to come. I was able to slip out for a very short outing this weekend and found a few fish in 2-5 feet of water in the thickest cover we could find. Slipping into stealth mode and being quiet was the key, slide into the thick cane and wait for them to get comfortable again. Slip bobbers and VMC Hotskirts tipped with a minnow gained the most success for us. Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service.


With the opener just a few days away, the Longville area lakes a primed for some great bass fishing. With the lack of winter snowpack and a hyper warm spring, both the weed growth and water temperatures will be well advanced past a normal May. Expect both the area smallmouth and largemouth to be in various stages of the spawn, depending on lake size. For smallmouth, I recommend a combination of presentations such as jerk baits, tube jigs, hair jigs, and 4" grubs worked around large rock and gravel flats with scattered boulders and grass. In addition, don't be afraid to fish the reed beds with sand and rock underneath.  For the area largemouth, its tough to beat a bladed jig, buzz bait,  or swim jig this time of year. Target rice and lilly pad flats with the warmest water. The combination of the rice and pads can be deadly. I'll be out on the water daily starting this weekend, so look for a more detailed reports in the coming weeks. Hope to see you out there! -Andrew"s Guide Service



5/3/16 It was a busy weekend here in Longville, a lot of people out fishing crappies and sunnies with very mixed reports. The best shallow water fishing came from the small bodies of water with shallow bays and low water clarity, or people fishing the bigger lakes in low light situations. The really good bite will start this week. A few reports of perch being caught on woman lake in the scattered pencil reeds in the shallow water on gumball jigs and fathead minnows and Gulp Alive. Wil Neururer



Fishing reports have been rather limited the past week due to the high winds, cold, and rain, but there has been some bold fisherman getting out there. The cooler weather has chased the crappies out of the shallow water and onto the breaks very near the shallow bays, so using your electronics properly can have a profound effec

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